Short and Sweet #152 – Non-Dualism

In the last two posts, I have written about the world of opposites and dualism. These relate to the dualistic mind and how it sees the world. Acquiring more knowledge around dualism will help you begin to navigate your daily life with more ease and grace. However, there is still a truer underlying state and that is non-dualism. The world of opposites is brought forth by the dualistic mind and it serves its purpose for the world we live in. However, only seeing the world this way causes suffering.

We judge things as right and wrong based on our filters and social conditioning. We see the world as black and white limiting our ability to compromise. Our political parties are perfect example of this now with their unbending stance and inability to compromise and make progress. If we are not aware that we see the world this way, then we have no way to escape the trap of the mind. We become defensive in our stance falling further into the embrace of the False-Self.

When we are present with what is, not allowing our conditioning to guide us, but our Soul, then we are embracing the way of the True-Self. This is where dualism and opposites fade away because they do not exist. This is where you enter the space between, where the underlying current is untroubled and unshakable. That is why the Soul knows no difficulties.

“… no matter what our difficulties may be, we recognize that there is a deep untroubled stream flowing below all surface troubles and that we are of one substance with that stream. The soul knows no difficulties.” – James Thornton

Stepping into this space is to know that you are one with all things and embrace who you really are a spiritual being having a human experience. All that you seek and want to know resides in this space. Therefore, the next time you feel uneasy remember this is not who you are this is only an expression of who you have become. You can let it go just as easily as you picked it up the choice is yours.


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