Short and Sweet #154 – The Body’s Rings of History

I woke up very early Saturday morning contemplating the healing journey I have been on for over 27 years with my back. For some reason the growth rings in a tree popped into my mind. All of a sudden, it hit me how the study of tree rings compared to what I have learned on my healing journey. The big difference is that with the body you can unwind and release your history. It is not stored in your mind as you might think but in the matrix of connective tissue that makes up what we call the body. When you let go at this level, not only does the physical structure change but also we can transform on every level. Changes in our behavior, emotional state and how we experience the world can all be affected.

When you have personal experience as I have over my career working with so many clients you begin to see patterns in the physical form. The body’s structure begins to show you clues to how someone interacts with the world. Many other markers in the body show how a person experiences life.

Even more powerful than the release of the physical form is its truer nature of pure energy that exist in all of creation. We know that energy does not die, it is transformed and so too is your life when you release the history of your physical form. As we release the energy of the pattern it reshapes the physical form, which we would expect, however this is only the gross aspect of the transformation that takes place. Like the rings of the tree, our history is woven into the fabric of our body and it has contributed to who we have become. We think that who we have become is who we really are. However, that is as far from the truth as thinking that sun is not burning bright on a cloudy day. The release of these patterns allows the clouds to clear away and show the ever-burning sun behind them. This means that we have a way to release who we have become and reconnect with who we really are, which allows us to live more fully from the True-Self as we release the False-Self or who we have become.


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