Short and Sweet #156 – Your Pain And Suffering Has Purpose

Life changes for you when you realize that everything has purpose. I am not sure when I realized this, but I now know that everything that has happened to me had a purpose, even when I did not like it, even when it hurt. It is such a blessing when you can let go of the need to always know why or to feel sorry for yourself and your troubles. Ask yourself, what does this moment offer me, which helps me grow closer to my True-Self (God). I realize that we may not always be aware enough in the moment of pain or suffering to ask this question. However, there is always a moment of clarity that comes during these times and it is up to each one of us to notice this moment and then look for the opportunity.

If we do continue to ask why when no answer comes or are not willing to let go of our suffering then we are attached to it and it cannot leave; we cannot heal. In addition, the energy that is associated with this event will become stuck within the body. This sets up a repetitious program that runs in the background and affects how we interact with the world going forward. We are not conscious of these programs until a healing event occurs that makes us aware of them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen unless we are on the path of self-discovery.

Everything has its challenges including self-discovery. Sometimes this path seems hard because we are more awake to what we are feeling and doing. However, the blessings that come from this path far outweigh the challenges. Are you ready to begin letting go of who you have become? Are you willing to feel all those things that you have stuffed inside your body over the years? Are you willing to uncover your True-Self and expose your full potential?

If you are, then you only need to pay attention to your thoughts, be aware of your actions and watch what you say. Bringing awareness to these three things will set you on the path. Then all you need to do is your best while paying attention. Remember that we learn from our mistakes, so celebrate them and know that you will make more. Reset your intention and one day you will wake up with fewer thoughts, healthier actions and kinder words.


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