Short and Sweet #157 – Bigger Than YOU

For many of us life ends up being a search for something that will take away the uncomfortable feelings. Maybe we do not feel like we fit in or we are not loved. The story and feelings may be different but in the end there is an emptiness, as if something is missing. Maybe you are still feeling this emptiness, that there has to be something more to life, that the continued search for happiness and security through the material world is not working. Chasing the perfect job, relationship or material possession brings some temporary joy but then you have to find the next thing because those feelings disappear and you feel empty again.

When we begin to awaken, we realize that there is something bigger in life than our own self-interest. We recognize that having the perfect job, money in the bank and a nice car does not fulfill us anymore and does not bring us true happiness. We know that security does not come from how much money we have in the bank that it can only come from an inner knowing of who we are and that we are always taken care of no matter what. A yearning for something deeper and more meaningful takes over and then we know we are on the right path.

Until then, whatever we are going through is necessary to guide us toward awakening. To help teach us what we need to learn , so do not ever look back and wish that things had been different. Know that you would not be who you are today without those experiences. Take note of what you learned from those difficult times and realize that you made it through and that you were taken care of all along the way. Why because at some point during those difficult times you thought they were never going to end, that your life would never get better, but it did. Therefore, if you are having difficult times now remember that truth, look back and see that you made it through other difficult times, and know that you will make it through again. The Universe is not conspiring against you; it is conspiring in your favor ALWAYS!

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