Short and Sweet #158 – Stop Attacking Yourself and Others

When we make a mistake or find fault in others and ourselves we attack through our thoughts, words and actions. Be careful if you think this does not apply to you without some investigation. We think of ourselves as stupid or feel this way when we make a mistake. In addition, we sometimes lash out at other people through our thoughts or facial expressions. We might even be frustrated enough to say something aloud to them. Just remember that it does not matter how you commit this attack it is always self-destructive and hurtful to others energetically. It never serves a positive purpose unless it is done with a loving intention.

The best things you can do in these situations until you stop the behavior, which means releasing the energy of the pattern, is to be aware and notice it. Notice the glance of disgust, your thoughts or words that you say to yourself or the other person. Now do not beat yourself up because you did it again this is attacking yourself and not helpful. In fact, the energy from this attack feeds the pattern energetically making it stronger. Just notice, acknowledge, and reset your intention to release the behavior and when appropriate make amends to anyone that you hurt.

Know that you will repeat the behavior again until you release the pattern. One day you will wake up and notice that you are not doing it anymore, celebrate this moment. There is no rush, it will take as long as it takes, so you must be willing to continue to pay attention. Sometimes you will forget and I say again, do not beat yourself up for forgetting, just acknowledge that you did the behavior again and move on.

Now if you want to add something to accelerate your awakening you can add Ho’oponopono (see Short and Sweet #24), repeat your favorite prayer or some other higher vibrational text, something that inspires you to connect with your higher self and reinforces your intention to stop the behavior.

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