Short and Sweet #159 – Are You Accepting What Is

The older we get the faster life seems to go, an interesting phenomenon of the human experience. Whether time is really going faster or not, should not be the focus, since we do not control it. However, we do have control over how we feel about what is happening in our lives and in the world. One way to be less stressed in life is to be more accepting of what is happening in the moment. Accepting is not always allowing and this is an important distinction to remember. If I am being abused, I do not have to allow that to continue but I do have to accept that I was abused to move forward. So do not confuse these two words when you are in a difficult situation and allow something to be done to you that is not loving. You always have the capacity to change your situation; however, you must always accept your past.

When we want our situation to be different than it is, we needlessly suffer. All of us have gone through difficult times and most likely will again. This occurs not for our detriment, but for our highest good. However, in the midst of difficulty we usually only see the problem and we forget to look for the opportunities that the experience presents us.

Accepting what is during these times acknowledges what is happening. It frees up our energy and brings more clarity into the present moment. With this newfound clarity, we have a better chance of seeing opportunity. In addition, we suffer less, because we are not just focused on what is wrong or what we do not want. We can begin to focus on what we do want and have access to the infinite possibilities that always exist.

This is a major shift in our intention and creative power, sending a strong energetic message to the Universe. Accepting what is brings the freedom that you can only experience by being in the moment. The instant you stop accepting what is, you energetically feed the very thing that you do not want, making it stronger and more imbedded into your life. Things are not always going to go the way you think they should, but this does not mean it is not for your highest good. Moreover, it certainly does not mean that something good is cannot come from it.


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