Short and Sweet #162 – Suffering Today, Be Happy Tomorrow

First, we must understand the cause of suffering. We usually think that outer circumstances or other people cause our suffering. While it may be true that events and other people can make our life more difficult at times, they do not make us suffer. All of our suffering comes from a perception about what just happened and then it is often followed by a belief that things will never change.

This low vibrational thinking also pertains to any uncomfortable feelings like anger, resentment, jealousy and fear. If you are reading this, then you have experienced many uncomfortable feelings in your life. Know that these feelings are an important part of your life, without them, we would not know joy, happiness, peace and all the other reciprocal aspects of life. If you want your life to be happy all the time then you will suffer even more when it feels like it is not happy.

Can you be happy in any circumstance; of course you can, because the circumstance does dictate your state of being. We do that all by ourselves and this is why suffering is a choice. We believe that our suffering is who we are and we have left our True-Self standing at the door, while we drive off in our pity-truck.

You have all felt suffering, anger or some other uncomfortable feeling at some point in your life. Did you continue to feel that way forever, or did it eventually ease and go away? What changed? Many will say that the circumstances changed, however, have you stayed in that state for days, weeks or months after the circumstances changed? Many of us have, so what really changed, it was not the circumstances, it was you. You finally let it go and I am saying to you that you never had to pick it up in the first place, no matter what happens to you. Yes, it takes practice and yes, it is not always easy to do, but it is possible. Just think how much easier your life would be and how much more joy you could experience. Remember the next time you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, that you can feel your feelings and then let them go, without letting them control you. You are in charge of your state and you are not your feelings. You are a Divine being having a human experience. Remember that fact and act as if, until you can be your True-Self again.


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