Short and Sweet #164 – Change Your Outlook On Life

There is only one thing that helps us to rise above conditions, and that is a change of outlook on life. This change is made possible by a change in attitude. I have found in my life that every single time I am able to change my attitude, my experience of life changes.

Too often, when our life feels stuck or uncomfortable, we think it cannot or will not change. However, this is NEVER true and in that moment, you have fallen victim to the thinking of the False-Self. Changing your attitude never requires a change in outer circumstances. The thought that your outer circumstances must change for your attitude to change, is only a thought and not a reality, except when you believe that thought. We must learn in these moments to connect with our True-Self through the awareness that our thinking is incorrect and we have made a false assumption based on that thought.

This is important because we often believe everything we think, without questioning it. In addition, too many times we are on autopilot and allow our thoughts to play silently in the background. If our attitude is being misguided by these false thoughts and assumptions then how can we ever change our attitude?

We must bring awareness to our thoughts and begin to question them before we can release the grasp of the False-Self. Start with the simple act of asking, is this true. Is it true that I am stupid because I tripped? Is it true that I am ugly because I am over weight? Is it true that my life will never change? We all have thoughts like this, but that does not make them true.

The most important work you have to do in this life is the exploration of the self. That is because everything else in life is built on that foundation. Start with yourself first and bring your True-Self out into the world. Once you do, the world will be very different from what it is today and all those around you will reap the benefits of your Divine presence.

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