Short and Sweet #167 – How Do You Look At Life?

It is through changing our point of view about life that we begin to make spiritual progress. If we are continually judging others and our circumstances, we will not progress. We must realize that we have to be concerned with our own outlook on life, not with what someone else thinks. If we feel the need to judge, then we should judge ourselves, because it is through knowing the self that we learn to understand others.

Thinking our problems are somehow the fault of someone else, is a form of judgment. Ask yourself, where does the problem exist? It exists only in the thoughts that you have and nowhere else. You have experienced this in your life and may not be aware of it. What happens when you forgive someone? You begin to think differently about what happened and the person involved. You do not forget, the memory it is still there, but your thoughts around the experience change and therefore your experience changes.

Have you noticed how changing your thoughts, changes your body and how it feels? If not, then begin to pay attention to your body when your thoughts are running wild about what someone else did to you. You will notice tension in your belly, shoulders or some other part of your body. Maybe you will get a headache or upset stomach. The body is always communicating with us we only have to pay attention and follow it masterful guidance.

How do you look at life, could there be another way? Perhaps if you are struggling, it is because you are looking in the wrong place for things to change. Paying attention to your body, your thoughts and actions, will lead you to a change in your point of view. Do not take my word for it, go ahead and try it out for yourself. I guarantee something will happen or your money back.

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2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #167 – How Do You Look At Life?

  1. This post is on target for struggles I am dealing with right now. My heart knows I am inconsistent with my beliefs but I can’t find my way through on this one. God is walking me through personal challenges moment by moment but I could use some help on dealing with my negative feelings toward the disrespect in our nation today. I pray for our nation but I keep allowing myself to be drawn into the negative drama of so much disrespect. I know I’m only a thought away from dealing with this, but which thought? I can’t find my way and would appreciate any insight for some internal peace on this one, I need a new perspective. Thanks.


    • Loretta I am sorry to hear that you are struggling right now and I understand your feelings. You will not find your way out through your thoughts. In fact, it is your thoughts that landed you where you are, but do not fret because as you know the way out is there.

      If you do not already meditate then I would suggest a regular meditation practice. Your thoughts will continue however, meditation will allow you to learn to not attach to them and bringing greater awareness, insight and calm into your life. Look through, read some of the other posts on my blog, particularly #24 and if you have question you can email me.

      If you continue to think the problem is out there, then this pattern will continue and so will your suffering. Always go within to find your way out, if you would like some more in depth help check out my Spiritual Mentoring page. I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers, I sense you already know this but know that your highest good is at play here and the Universe is always conspiring in your favor and not against you.


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