Short and Sweet #168 – To BE or Not to BE

Life is not about getting, giving or receiving. I know, what else is there? Life is not about doing, although this is what you think most of the time. To BE is our natural state and where those things flow without effort or judgment, where they happen without doing in the classical sense of the word. To BE is the only state where LOVE resides unconditionally and the only place where you will find lasting peace. This state requires no thought; in fact, thought will keep you from experiencing it fully. It is here that you will recognize and feel your oneness with all things.

Can you breathe in without breathing out? As with your breathe, to BE requires letting go, to breathe out. To constantly do, breathing in, leads to anxiety, frustration, anger, health problems and a host of other maladies. You can only experience the state of Beingness by remembering who you really are and letting go of who you have become.

To know that, you must breathe in and out to live, you must experience pain to experience freedom from pain. You must have lost love to know love. You must feel ill to know health. Moreover, to BE, you must experience all these things from a new perspective one that allows you to experience everything while letting go so that you no longer breathe in and forget to breathe out.

The state of perfection you seek does not exist, it requires all things in our human experience, trying to get one while resisting the other only leads to suffering. Therefore, a change in perspective is paramount because you must find a way to BE with what is in your life. When you enter into this space then you will have everything that you seek and you will see the perfection of creation.

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