Short and Sweet #169 – 50 Shades of Grey, Darkness and THE LIGHT

Many of us live in the shadows of who we are the greyness, some even in the darkness. This I call the False-Self. What is the grey and the darkness? It is when you are walking down the street and you have an uneasy feeling in your body or fearful thought as someone approaches you. This uneasiness is just because of the way they look, dress or smell. It is that moment when someone says something to you and you let your eyes roll back because you do not like it. It is when you shout in anger at a child because they did something out of innocence, but you did not like it. Darkness is when our pain and fear erupt into being emotionally abusive or physically violent, including the act of killing. Now these are just a few of the shades of grey and darkness that can come through us.

Can you recognize any shades of grey in your life whether past or present? I believe we all have them, maybe you were able to let them go or perhaps you are not quite ready. Maybe you do not recognize them yet. You can, just by paying attention to your thoughts and actions. Perhaps it is time, perhaps you are ready to let go.

You see the LIGHT is always there underneath the grey and the darkness. The LIGHT is your natural state. This is what I call the True-Self. Many look up or outward for this light, but you would be mistaken to look there, because it lies within and it is only there, that you will find it. You would also be mistaken if you think you have to get it. Thinking this or looking elsewhere is just a way that the False-Self keeps you trapped.

Please know that the grey, the darkness and the light will always be here. This is how the universe works, because without the darkness there would be no light. How could you tell that light was light, without the dark? Therefore, do not think that your job is to get rid of the grey or the darkness. You should never think that you are the darkness or the grey, because you are the light. To know this is true, just begin looking within and paying attention.

Your job is not to attach to that which you are not, and to let it go when you have. If the waves on the ocean are expressions of the False-Self, like anger, resentment and jealousy, then like the surfer, we have the choice to ride the wave or we can dive under the wave and let it go by. In the beginning we have to dive under each time we are aware of the wave coming or we will be hit or take it for a ride. With practice and over time we can dive into the deep where there are no waves, only calm. We have now learned to stay connected to the True-Self and avoid attaching to the greyness and the darkness.

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