Short and Sweet #170 – Life is Unfair

The other day I saw a quote that said; “Dear Life, I have a complete grasp that you are not fair so please, stop teaching me that lesson. Is this true, is life unfair? I know that it can certainly seem that way when times are tough or we see something terrible happening in this world. We naturally want to put the blame somewhere else, so why not life. However, is it life that is causing the unfairness? Are we blaming life for our own shortcomings?

I do not believe that life is fair or unfair life is just life. It functions as it always has from the first day of creation. It just creates; it does not make decisions the same way we do. It does not say I think I will punish this person for what they just did. Unfairness in life is created by our actions, perceptions and even our non-actions. Most of us know in our hearts when we have done something wrong, even if we do not admit it to ourselves. Likewise, we often know when we should or could have taken action to help another person, yet we usually only acknowledge our good works.

A very powerful tool for experiencing life differently is perception. This is where many of us falter in life and begin to see it as unfair. Many years ago, when I started having back pain I of course saw it as a problem. This is what we do when we experience pain, suffering or see things that we do not like. We see it as a problem. As the years went by, I began to realize that this so-called problem was not only a gift, but also an opportunity. Once I did my experience of the problem and my pain changed. Healing was accelerated because of my shift in perception and my change in thought about what I was going through.

Once I saw this in action, I began to apply it to other areas of my life and it changed those experiences too, life began to feel easier. I became more hopeful and life got better. I continue to work with my perceptions about things to this very day. I find that in every situation where I change a problem into an opportunity, things change for the better. I trust that things are happening the way they are suppose to and that I will be OK no matter what. Now I cannot tell you I do this all the time or that it is always easy, but when I do it works every single time.

Therefore, the next time you have a pain, a problem or some other difficult situation, see if you can see the opportunity in it. Take the time to look and if all else fails once it is over look again for the opportunities that you missed or maybe happened and you did not see in that moment. I guarantee they are there if you only look, because life is not unfair, we only think it is.

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