Short and Sweet #171 – Is there GOOD Pain and BAD Pain

If you follow my blog then you know that I often talk about how problems are opportunities. Pain is something we all see as a problem and I have learned through my healing journey that it too is an opportunity. However, many people have expressed their difficulty in understanding this truth. Therefore, I want to offer you a bridge between good and bad pain and that bridge is perception.

Some of you are probably asking, what is good pain. Well even without knowing you, I know that you have experienced good pain more than once in your life. However, because it was good pain you do not remember. Let me give you an example and then think back to your own experiences with good pain. Have you ever gone running or to the gym and experienced pain either during or after? You probably told yourself that what you were feeling was because you were doing a good thing. Your ego might even want to brag about your pain to someone as a way of letting him or her know how great you are because you worked out. Your pain becomes a badge of honor. Your attitude is positive about the experience and you might even feel proud of yourself for working out so hard. Your perception about the pain is positive and your experience is different from when you feel a bad pain. Because your perception is different, your attitude is different.

Now could someone go workout out, feel a similar pain, and see it as bad pain, absolutely. This is because their perception is different from yours. They may not even workout again, but you cannot wait to go. What this tells us is that pain itself is not good or bad it is our perception of the pain and it is this perception that changes our experience.

Now how does this help you? It shows you that in the same circumstances, different people can perceive things differently and this changes their experience. You have seen this played out when people are sick, lose a job, a relationship or any other challenging situation that life brings us. Different people handle these situations differently and it is their perception of the experience that determines how they handle it.

The next time you have pain; stop and pay attention to how you are thinking about it. What is your perception of your pain? Ask yourself is there another way to perceive this experience. Your pain can guide you to healing if you open up to it and stop resisting it. Resisting does not stop the experience; it only causes you to suffer more. Maybe all you can do is notice how negative you are thinking about it and that is OK. Start there and keep working with it. Something good always come from self-inquiry and something good will always come from your pain if you open yourself up to it.

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