Short and Sweet #177 – Forgiveness

You cannot truly know the fullness of love without being able to forgive; being able to overlook the faults of others and realize that at our core we are perfection, we are divine. Without forgiveness, we lash out in fear, in bigotry, in anger, in jealousy, in violence and experience a myriad of other unhealthy emotions. These uncontrolled reactions affect our health, our peace of mind and the energetic balance of our vibrational field. They played a major role in creating the world.

When we forgive from the heart, we reestablish the balance and connection with our purity and perfection, the True-Self. We know this because once we forgive; we feel relieved, happy, calm and peace returns to our inner being. Forgiveness is the recognition of the Divine in those we forgive and a true act of self-love. In that moment, we have released the separation of our conditioning and connected with our True-Self and the oneness of all things. This is why we feel peace again and this is how we begin to change the world.

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