Short and Sweet #179 – Finding Your True-Self through Letting Go

There is one constant to every action in life from birth to death and everything in-between and that is letting go. The very act of creation is an act of letting go. Therefore, there is only one constant to awakening; and that is letting go. Without it, you are stuck in the mire of your conditioning, feeling confused, incomplete and unable to move forward freely. You seek to find your answers and the truth outside yourself, not realizing that it has been with you all along, that you are the light; that you are all things not just what you think you are. The only way to reconnect with your True-Self, the only solution is by letting go. When we do, our fear, our conditioning begins to fall away, revealing what was there all along. Know that you are safe because you are a creator, you are creation in physical form and you are divine.

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