Short and Sweet #180 – In the Stillness of Life

Stillness can arrive through all things, even in the midst of activity or turmoil. You may wonder how this is possible. It is possible because true stillness comes when we stop attaching to our thoughts. Notice I did not say our thoughts stop or that we need to stop our thoughts to find stillness.

Many people when they begin to meditate do not become still because there are too many thoughts running through their mind and they do not detach from them. They become fidgety and uncomfortable thinking they cannot DO it. However, meditation is not about doing, it is about letting go. Even a person walking, playing the piano, snow boarding, knitting or doing any activity can become still once they have detached from their thoughts. Athletes call this, being in the zone.

The world has conditioned you to THINK that we have to be doing something, getting something or have something to be happy. When this pursuit has not met our needs we become unhappy, all because we THINK we are not doing enough, have enough or getting enough. Happiness does not live in these things or in doing. We only experience a fleeting false sense of happiness in doing, not true lasting happiness. Moreover, you will certainly never become still if the pursuit of these things becomes your life.

First, learn to connect with your innate and natural state of stillness. Then bring that stillness into every area of your life. When you become the deep waters under the surface, below the storm, nothing can shake your peace and you will live in your stillness. You only have to let go of your conditioning. Find a small piece of stillness and watch it grow as you spend time with it. The more time you spend with stillness, the more your conditioning will fall away to reveal your True-Self.

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