Short and Sweet #183 – Feeling Out of Sorts

Have you ever woken up feeling out of sorts emotionally? Perhaps you were feeling angry, sad or melancholy for no clear reason. The first thing your mind wants to do is to justify this feeling. It will look for an event or person that does just that, and if we attach to this misleading thought, we will stop the body’s healing process.

The real reason these feelings come up is not for what the mind conjures up. It is to allow the release of old emotional energies from the body. Remember that all emotion is energy and this energy needs to keep moving. When we attach to the thought the energy stops moving.

With awareness, we can recognize that there is no logical reason to be feeling the way we do. Therefore, we do not have to let the mind explain it away. Explaining it away is resistance and this is the opposite of what we want to do.

In order to support the release, we must recognize the emotion and feel it consciously. This allows the energy to keep moving out of the body and not get stuck again. Some people may feel the energy moving out once they acknowledge it. Feeling the energy is not important, what is important is to not resist, acknowledge the emotion by feeling it and this allows the energy (emotion) to release from the body.

You may feel a shift in mood immediately or perhaps over a few hours depending on how much energy you are releasing. This is a safe process, remember you are never given more than you can handle. By releasing this old energy from your body, you will be able to respond more appropriately in difficult times instead of reacting from some old trigger that is no longer relevant. This helps you to stay in the moment and live a more fulfilling life.

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