Short and Sweet #185 – Releasing Difficult Emotions

The one requirement for releasing difficult emotion is to feel them and not resist. Doing anything else but feeling them, is resistance. Emotions are energy and by feeling them, you allow the energy to keep moving, otherwise it will become stuck.

You do not have to wallow in them, mull over them or try to figure them out to let them go. In fact, trying to figure them out means you have to hold onto them until you do. Yes, there are times when figuring them out helps, but most of the time this is not necessary. If you need to know then you will, without question, trust this truth. So in the end what would you prefer? Figure them out, wallow in them, mull over them for days or let them go?

If you prefer to let them go, then do not be afraid to feel them. Whatever your mind is saying to you is not true. The only truth here is what you feel and this cannot hurt you. Your thoughts will pass as they always do, so let them go. If you attach to them, you will hold onto the emotion and suffer longer. You have experienced this before, so you know what I mean. Remember do not waste any time in shortening your return to joy, by feeling what you need to feel and move on.

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