Creating a More Loving World

Being violent is not our true nature; however, it is perpetuated by our thoughts and rooted in fear. Yet, how can we expect the world to be non-violent when we are violent? Yes, you are violent everyday to yourself and to others. You may not think that you are violent, but every negative thought is a form of violence.

The violence of today, including physical violence is supported by the conditioning of our past and reinforced by the critical and destructive self-talk that we impose on others and ourselves. Thinking that we are not worthy or making judgments about other people is destructive. We can even be violent to ourselves when we think that we are fat, not worthy, not smart enough, not…

This kind of self-talk, supports the world’s violent nature on an energetic level and when combined with enough people manifest on a physical level. Your thoughts are prayers and just like the prayer that leads to healing, having negative thoughts consistently is a prayer that can manifest violence, problems in your life and even illness. Consistently being in a stressful or angry state changes your biochemistry and can lead to physical and emotional problems as well as misguided actions.

If you expect the world to change and violence to end then you must change yourself and what better place to start than with your thoughts, why, because this is where it all begins and ends. Therefore, if you want the world to change, then I suggest that you start here and the rest will take care of itself.

Strengthen your awareness muscle and you will begin to see just how incessant your negative thoughts are. You do this by paying more attention to your thoughts throughout the day. When you hear something negative or unloving, reframe that thought to support the kind of world you want.

Reframe the destructive thoughts to be about the kind of person you know you are, the True-Self. Do not continue to allow the False-Self to rule your actions by pointing the finger towards something or someone else outside yourself. Know that everything outside you can be resolved by looking inward. Remember the person you are now is who you have become from your conditioning and the experiences you have will support this conditioning, unless you begin to wake up by paying attention to your thoughts.

The person you are now is not the real you, you only THINK it is. This person is only something you thought you needed to survive, when all along the real you, the True-Self was there waiting for you. You thought you were protecting yourself from your pain and all the things that you did not know how to deal with or understand. Know that you have always done your best and you did nothing wrong. Now that you know better, you will do better each step of the way. You are beautiful and powerful being that is connected to creation as only the True-Self can be and you will find your way out of your conditioning by paying attention and using your awareness to wake up to this truth.


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