My Life Is Not Perfect

We end up where we are in life, not by happenstance. The thought that my life is not perfect is only a thought. When said repeatedly, we can only end up in one place. No matter what our inner thoughts or outer circumstances are, we cannot climb out of that hole, without the ladder of awareness.

Life begins and ends through the process of letting go. Therefore being able to live in the present and experience the perfection of creation requires you to let go of the birth and death of each moment. When we are not able to reconnect with this innate ability, we fall victim to our conditioning. We hold onto the past, dream of a different future and relive our lives through the eyes of the False-Self. We never actually live in the present moment because we are always wanting and reaching for something different.

When we settle into the soul of our being this wanting dissipates. We are able then to follow the direction of our intuition and the thought that my life is not perfect, is no more. This moment-by-moment process requires your undivided attention. You will most certainly forget and with gentle appreciation and self-love for remembering let go once again. By doing this process repeatedly, instead of thinking my life is not perfect, you will step back into the perfection of creation and see that it was there all along. This knowing will show you that it was only you, which THOUGHT differently.


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2 thoughts on “My Life Is Not Perfect

  1. Is the thought of imperfect life not part of the creation, though? Does it not exist in the present moment? Isn’t paying attention to that thought also paying attention to the present moment?


    • Yes, it is Bogdan, and noticing it can lead to letting go or being stuck. We have a choice in each moment that this or any thought arises. By letting it go, we open up to the infinite possibilities of creation rather than being limited by our conditioned thinking.


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