Resting in the Arms of the Divine

“Beneficial change cannot occur through intellectual reasoning or analysis. It cannot happen, because all thought is conditioned. It can only repeat what it has been taught to repeat, based on distorted self-interest.” –Vernon Howard

Lasting peace and living life fully does not lie in finding the answer to our questions. It resides in the space between the question and the answer. This is where we connect with the True-Self and rest in the arms of the Divine. You have felt this ease in your life at one time or another when you were able to let go of the questions, stop looking for answers, and just be with life. You noticed it when you were present with the person you were with or your surroundings, not thinking but just being and time disappeared. Therefore today just for a moment or maybe longer stop what you are doing and step into the space between the questions and the answers and be present with where you are and the mystery, magic and miracles that are all around you.

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