In The Mind That Makes It One

Race is only an issue in the mind that makes it one. Sexual orientation is only an issue in the mind that makes it one. Pick a topic where people cannot agree or there are large gaps and you will see that this is always true. If it were not true then no one would ever change sides on an issue; they would never change their mind and we would all agree on everything or would we all disagree.

Look at what you thought was wrong and now you think is OK. Look at what was right at one time in your life and now you see it as wrong. The simple answer here is that nothing has changed except how you think about it.

Yes, the disagreers will point to something outside of themselves to prove their rightness, like scripture, spiritual text or some other thing. Yet they fail to see that we are one. That we are more alike than different and that the people who translated those texts and the time in which they were written may have influenced the words on the page. It is man not God who made these changes. You do not write against something, unless it already exists.

The God I know does not want from us and certainly does not judge us for our differences. We were all created from the same source. We were created from love and when we live from love, the differences fall away and we only see what has always been there, our oneness.

Is your God different from the one I know? Does your God judge, get angry and punish you because you do not do what it wants? God is not your enemy, but the mind certainly can be if you do pay attention to what you think and why. Therefore, listen intently to what it says to you, because maybe you do not believe what it is telling you anymore. That realization, that moment is the opportunity to experience a new way of living by letting go of your conditioning and old way of thinking.

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