WARNING! Do not read this post unless…


This is your first and last WARNING! Do not read this post unless you want to accelerate your awakening. The next sentence is a catalyst for change, do not go any further without the risk of never going back to the way things use to be.

“Do not hold onto your beliefs so tightly that they out live your common sense, intuition and heartfelt recognition of the truth.”

Simply put do not hold onto your beliefs without questioning them every day. Do they still hold true? Was that belief ever true? What will happen if I just let go of this one belief? Will I still be me? Will I ever be the same again? Do you want to be the same?

I can tell you for sure, that once you begin to question your beliefs you will never be the same again. You will begin to connect with who you really are and not some creation of conditioning. Do not fret; the pain of change is much less arduous than staying in the same place. Staying in the hardened conventionality of our society is much more difficult, depressing, leads to anxiety and other maladies keeping you from letting go and uncovering your True-Self.

We fail to realize that we are already awakened beings. We have succumbed to our conditioning and our resistance to the truth has stopped us from seeing this in the moment. We must stop fighting life, stop fighting what is, and know that life supports us completely, all of us, not just some of us. Why do you question it at every turn? Why do you feel adrift, lost in some way, incomplete? This is not who you are, so why do you continue to hold onto the belief that there must be something more? The more that you seek is already here, already in you, already a part of you.

Here is where to begin, remember that stretching in life is about doing and letting go is about allowing. They both have purpose; however stretching can cause stress and anxiety if not approached from a centered place. Allowing on the other hand brings more peace into your life. When you allow, you are in a state of letting go and receiving. This is very different from stretching can you feel the difference?

Start to listen to your heart and intuition more than your head and conditioning. Then allow your beliefs to bubble up to the surface. Question them from a centered place; then stretch yourself a little and let go of any belief that no longer works for you. You will know because they do not feel right, the ones that you know in your heart are no longer true. Know that you will always be guided, safe and never given more than you can handle through this process and your life.

Whether you choose to do this consciously or not dictates the amount of struggle you experience from your own resistance. Therefore, do not blame God or someone else for your difficulties. Take responsibility for where you are and know that you have the power to overcome. You have the power to let go and you have the power to connect with your True-Self and begin living the life that has always been your destiny. The life of your True-Self, the one that your soul has always been guiding you towards; the one you have been resisting.

Be grateful for your life right now. Then begin living life to the fullest while you are still here, still breathing, still alive! STOP WAITING!!

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