“I sing the body electric.” – Walt Whitman

The water that makes up so much of our bodies is like ocean water. The salt crystals in this water vibrate at ever-changing frequencies. Our hearts are the emotional centers of our bodies, and they put out frequencies that are 10 times the power of the frequencies of our brains.

When we are happy, we vibrate at a higher frequency than when we are angry or sad. Our emotions change the chemical composition of the water in our systems. That’s why happy tears taste different than tears of sadness.

Experiencing physical, emotional and mental stillness harmonizes the vibrational output of the body, heart and mind and we become stronger.

“The message we give our bodies — one of irritation or acceptance — is the message to which our bodies will answer.” – Deb Shapiro

by John & Patrice Robson

“These very real vibrations then manifest on a physical level and in our physical body. This is why when I look at a body fir example , I can see the holding of responsibility in the shoulders. (I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders) Who you are is represented in how your body looks, the shape it takes, the pain you feel in it and yes, even some of the illnesses we get. Learning how to release this energy from the body is life changing on every level. So the next time you get upset, feel it in your body and then let that energy go and do not hold on to it.” –Tim Custis

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