Beginning the New Year Rightly

As the New Year arrives, many feel a sense of hope that things will change, that they will get better. Do you see how this thinking says that things are not the way they should be? That you are resisting what is; that you are resisting the truth. By recognizing this, we open up to a new awareness, one that if you are willing can change how your life unfolds and feels.

We all struggle from time to time in life. The struggle itself is not from the events that our occurring, but how we perceive those events. Do not resist what is happening, but become aware of your perceptions about what is happening and then begin to change them. Begin to see the opportunity that this so-called problem is presenting you.

This is how you change your experience and then no matter what happens to you, you will be able to stay centered and peaceful. You do not have to fall out of joy every time something does not go your way! Will you be perfect at this, probably not at first, but with practice who knows just how peaceful you will become. Perhaps one day you will awaken to the person that you truly are, instead of the once you have become. When we all take responsibility for our own peace, the world will certainly change and maybe we will finally see the peaceful world we all want so much.

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