Are You Living a Conditioned Life

Life becomes uncomfortable when we are not living from our True-Self. What does this mean? We all have become conditioned to some degree by past events and people in our lives. When this conditioning becomes our guidance system, then we no longer act from our True-Self. If we are lucky, we wake up one day and realize our suffering and unhappiness is because we did not follow our soulful guidance. Instead, we made choices from our conditioning and the thoughts produced by it. In other words, we unconsciously followed the guidance of the False-Self and we went against our inner guidance and true feelings.

The beauty is the suffering and unhappiness that comes from this false guidance has the capability of waking us up, and then we can begin to live from our True-Self. If we do not begin to wake up, we are destined to live out our lives from this past conditioning and the False-Self.

Living from our True-Self and being in the NOW is not so much about becoming more spiritual. It is about being more human. We are inherently spiritual beings, we do not have to learn this, what we have to learn is how to be a better human being. We must start to pay more attention to why we make the choices we do and bring to light our conditioning. This act of awareness will open the door to letting go.

If we embrace this challenge wholeheartedly, the guidance of the True-Self rises to the top and our lives begin to change for the better. Why, because we are finally living a heartfelt life, making choices in the present moment, no longer guided by the past, our incessant thoughts or responses from outdated conditioning.

Begin to use your struggle, suffering and unhappiness for what it was meant to do, to wake you up. To become more human and thus exposing your spiritual beauty and start doing what you are suppose to be doing in this life. Do not just settle for the life that you have ended up with, instead uncover the one you were destined to live.

We have all had those moments where we look back and say, what if; well I say there is no more time to waste. Leave the “what ifs” in the past and begin to create a future that is not from your past conditioning, but from that place within you that is connected to the source of all creation. Where all things are possible, even the impossible becomes possible from here. You were born from this place and someday you will return to it. So I ask you, why not begin living there now, in your truth, in the present moment and stop resisting what is. This is our hope for the future, this is our birthright and this is what you are meant to do in this life.


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