Starting a Journey of Real Transformation

When we project the perfect life to those around us while things are crumbling inside, we have succumbed to the will of the False-Self. Waking up to our pain, that pain we try so hard to hide from everyone, including our-selves, will lead to real transformation when we acknowledge it.

“If we are to speak of miracles, the most miraculous thing of all is that God uses the very thing that would normally destroy you–the tragic, the sorrowful, the painful, the unjust–to transform and enlighten you.” –Richard Rohr

The truth of this world is not just love, but pain as well. After birth, we quickly become conditioned to think that life should be without pain. We are conditioned to avoid pain, when in fact it is our friend and not our enemy. This is difficult to recognize in the midst of pain, but when we look back at painful times, we can often see how our pain transformed us and made us who we are today. This pain did not just make us stronger, but it taught us something about living a more meaningful life.

That is of course, only if we let it. When we resist or ignore our pain, it gains power and strength; it becomes more rooted into our body. Yes, rooted in our body and then its message plays in the background, influencing us from the conscious and subconscious level.

We are afraid that our pain will get worse, maybe never go away; it has become our conditioned reaction to resist. What is ironic about thinking this way is that we are destined to suffer more by resisting, than we ever would by letting go.

In our worst times, we do not see the beauty and perfection that resides in us. However, it is still there, even though in that moment we cannot see or feel it. Is it so unbelievable that you can be perfect and a mess at the same time? Well, I assure you that you can and you can probably see or feel it, if you get quiet. Now that is something to ponder, isn’t it?

When you release your pain, you realize that real happiness and joy cannot be manufactured through outside relationships or activities. True lasting happiness and joy live within; they are an innate part of our True-Self.

When we do not listen or follow the divine guidance of our pain, we quickly become disconnected from our True-Self. However, just because our soul is torn by the broken and split nature of almost everything in this life, we still can awaken again to our True-Self.

We have not been forsaken by creation; in fact, it is always conspiring in our favor. Know that EVERYONE living on the planet today is a Divine Being and capable of healing, letting-go and reconnecting with their True-Self. We only have to be willing to let go and uncover what has always been there since we were born. Have faith that you can begin to let go and heal. It is entirely up to you. Listen to your Soul because it is calling for you to let go. Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

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