The World’s True Enemy

The world’s true enemy and that of every person on this planet is not who or what you might think. It is not our governments or the lobbyist. It is not the corporations, banks, military or even terrorist.

How do I know this to be true? Because these organizations have one thing in common, they are made up of people just like you. Yes, they may have different beliefs, politics or even religions, but none of them would exist without our part in creating them.

We like to place blame elsewhere for our problems. Even as much as we would like to THINK it is true, our real opposition never resides out in the world. The real opposition resides within and is often invisible to our conscious awareness. We find ways to distract, ignore and resist the truth. In fact, to hide its very existence, the False-Self convinces us through our thoughts that the problem is always somewhere else; we are never our own worst enemy, “they are”. Who are they? Well it turns out that “they”, are just another human being.

Without careful observation to build our conscious awareness muscle, we will be forever under the influence of the False-Self. Once we start to notice this influence, it is the beginning of awakening. Our suffering increases anytime we resist the call of the True-Self and only follow the guidance of the False-Self.

When you find yourself blaming someone else or something else for your upset, stop and pay attention to your thoughts. This is the only way to shine light of awareness into the darkness. What are you saying to yourself and are these thoughts making you feel better or worse? Do they actually help you resolve the issue or perpetuate your uncomfortable feelings? It will only be through this careful observation that you can awaken to this covert influence of the False-Self and begin let it go.

When our leaders, voters, the people who make up our corporations and military are coming from this alert and conscious place, then we will begin to see the change we wish for in this world. Until then people will be led around by their False-Self. This can only lead to one place, the destruction of our home, Mother Earth and our continued collective suffering.

To those of you who resonate with what is written here, I ask that you continue on your path. Remember to breath and let go. Live your best life. Pray, meditate or practice any pursuit that brings you peace. Then spread this peace throughout your life to those people you meet with acts of kindness, compassion and most importantly love. Forgive yourself when you are not able to follow through on this intention and then begin again. Remember there is no act to small and the collective power of these acts will change your life and the world. We can only do our best each moment of each day. Remember when we know better, we do better. Let us help everyone know better by example, so we can all do better for our children, grandchildren and all the future generations that come after we are gone.


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