A Higher Truth for the New Year

This will feel contrary to all that you know. All that society has taught you. However, this higher truth can bring you more peace than all your seeking put together. We are so conditioned to think that we are not good enough, that we have to change in some way to become something better; to do more and if we do, our reward of peace and happiness will come.

Have you ever wondered what makes us think this way?

When in fact, what we seek we already have, but we cannot see it because of all our busyness. All the searching you have done, even all the letting go has not led you to the place you seek.  Has it? There is always more letting go; more seeking to do.

So what is the answer? First, begin the New Year by setting aside some time to be quiet. This means doing nothing. It will only be in this space that you will reconnect with your True-Self. Then, throughout your day just be with what is. Do not wish it to be different. Do not try to make it different. This will not be easy at first for many of you, but I can assure you, this intention to breathe the life of each moment has what you seek already in it.

Your thoughts and habits will try to carry you away and sometimes they will. When you wake up and find yourself carried away by them, do not beat yourself up. Remember, you are not your thoughts or habits, and they are not in charge of you. Bring yourself back to the calm and peaceful being that you are deep within and feel the presence of your True-Self once again. This ongoing, even intermittent experience with the Divine presence within is all that is needed to feel and experience this higher truth for yourself.

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