This Love, Loves Everyone

Love, loves everyone; it is not conditional. We live in a world where terrible things happen, but this does not mean that we cannot forgive. If we do not open our hearts, we will continue to suffer. The world will not change by an election of new leaders, a million person march or protest. It requires the closed heart to open and to allow grace back into our lives. It requires the infinite amount of love within to be freed from the depths of our being.

Take a moment today to look out the window or if weather permits to go outside and just watch the birds. Allow the beauty of creation to come back into your life and let your worry and stress go. Leave your thoughts behind for just a minute to connect once again with nature. For it is here that you can awaken to what has always been with you. It is simple; it does not have to take a lifetime or lots of hard work. Just be willing to receive and allow this love to fill you up once again.

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