Real Freedom

My grandson who is 15 mentioned to me the other day that when he gets older he would have more freedom than he has now. This is an illusion of our thinking mind. I can remember thinking the same thing at his age, however, is that true?

Anyone can feel like he or she has more or less freedom depending on his or her perspective. Unfortunately, we often compare and judge our lives to others to feel a sense of freedom. We have it better than they do, so we are freer. We look at many things like voting, having a lot of money, being able to travel as freedoms and they are, but these types of freedoms can be taken away at any time.

Real freedom does not come from acquiring things, having rights or being a certain age. It comes from within and knowing that you are free. No one can take this kind of freedom away and it means that no matter what is happening to you or around you, you know you are going to be okay.  A person in an actual prison can feel freer than a person who is not in prison. When we have this type of freedom, we feel empowered and capable of handling anything.

What is your definition of freedom? Does real freedom come from external things or from where you live? I am grateful to live in the country that I do, and that I am able to enjoy the many freedoms that others do not have in many places around the world.

While I can enjoy these freedoms and would fight to keep them, I know that with real freedom I can survive and even thrive without them. Real freedom does not come from social conditioning or external circumstances. Anyone anywhere, no matter his or her circumstances can experience this kind of freedom. Now that is real freedom!

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