“The progressive discovery of our own ignorance opens us up to truth and wisdom. A surefire way this ignorance can be rooted out is through self-inquiry, a deep and personal journey that few partake in because their ignorance deceives them, and they cannot see it.”

2 thoughts on “Ignorance

  1. Good morning Tim,

    I clicked on “Read more of this post” as the subject really appealed to me.

    I don’t see any more about this subject once on your site. Am I missing something?

    Today it will be 85ºF at our place. Unfortunately too hot to rake the front meadow. Will work on my series of Anecdotes instead.

    I hope your toe is healed completely. Does it hurt to walk?

    Take good care of yourself,

    Ragni who is happy to have had you as a mentor. You made me see things about myself and helped me make changes. I’m forever grateful.



    • Hi Ragni,

      No, there is no more to the post other than the picture. Perhaps once I am more settled, I will write more. The toe is doing great. Thank you for asking. You have been a good friend and a blessing. I miss our time together.

      Stay well, namaste.


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