The Opportunity Pain Presents

Our greatest opportunity to let go and heal is when we are in pain. I am referring to both physical and emotional pain. This is true because when we are in pain, what we need to let go and heal is accessible. During other times, it is often unavailable or hiding from our conscious awareness.

For example, on a physical level sometimes a client will come in with a particular pain. When describing the pain they say, when I do this it hurts. Of course, I just tell them not to do that anymore, problem solved. OK, so we know that will not actually solve the problem. However, what I have found over the years is that if I find a way to work on them in that position, where they feel the pain, I have greater success than when I work on the area in a neutral position.

The same is true around emotional issues. When our emotions are up, they can be seen clearly. If we pay attention, we have a real opportunity to let them go for good and heal. When our emotions are calm, we think that we have resolved the issue or everything will be OK in time. This is also true with pain in the body. When the pain is gone, we think the problem is gone and that we are fine. However, have you ever had a pain or emotional issues that you thought was resolved reappear?

Most people will answer yes to the previous question. In fact, many clients have thought that they had resolved their emotional issue through some other form of therapy, only to find out that there were remaining parts stored in the body. They thought it was resolved because they were not having the usual agitation. Yet when the remaining part was released from the body, there were noticeable changes in their lives.

Know that your physical and emotional pain will leave behind energy from unresolved issues in the body. This energy can affect your everyday life by influencing your choices, mood and behavior. We are usually not aware of this influence because it is happening beneath our conscious awareness. Our mind will point to something in the moment as the cause to further the deception and make us think it is something new.

However, if you feel the emotion, pain or energy as it arises, you can let it go and heal. There are many ways to bring this energy up like Spiral Release Bodywork, yoga and meditation. This process does not require you to figure the problem out or even understand it. It only requires a willingness to feel your pain and/or emotion, something we are used to resisting and have been conditioned to avoid.

It is time that we begin to recognize that the world is interconnected through energy and whether we mean to or not our current state affects the people around us, even though we might not realize it.

Remember that emotional healing does not just take place in the mind.
We just THINK it does.
Remember that letting go in the body can heal emotional issues.
Remember that letting go of emotional issues can heal the body.
Remember that there is a direct connection between the body and our emotions.
Remember that there is a direct connection between our emotions and the body.
Remember your body stores unresolved experiences energetically.
Remember to allow your pain to serve a positive purpose in your life.

Finally, remember that pain is not a problem it is an opportunity. If you adjust your perception and attitude toward pain, then your life will change dramatically for the better.

Short and Sweet #172 – Accept What Is

“I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me.” – Erica Jong

“To ignore or not admit our fear is resistance to what is. We all experience fear from time to time, this is normal. When we resist our fear, the energy builds in the body. This growing energy (fear) increases in strength. The body begins to be transformed as well as our lives. The fear begins to control us and our body begins showing signs of this transformation in the form of pain, stiffness and other maladies. Life is not about not experiencing fear or any other difficult emotion or situation. We must allow the energy to move through us and not resist it. It is our perceptions, attitude and beliefs around our life that change the experience. Change these things to live more fully and stop thinking that everything has to be perfect or that it will be OK when… Start accepting what is and keep the energy moving. This will allow you to settle into more ease and grace in your life.”

Short and Sweet #147 – The Body Wound and Bound

This is not meant to be technical but something useful to give you a different perspective and knowledge about your body. What I am about to share I have ongoing experience with in my body and through my work with clients since 1987.

Many fail to recognize how the body stores information in the form of energy caused by our experiences, physical and emotional trauma, in utero, genetics and past lives. I know that the last one may be hard for some to believe but I have personally experienced this in session and with clients. In addition, this information effects how we interact with the world and those around us. Sometimes these energy patterns can run in the background like a loop tape on an answering machine, which can initiate certain behavior without conscious involvement. As this information is stored, it causes changes to the connective tissue. The connective tissue is not just the soft tissue as you might think; it makes up everything in the body from blood to bone.

Another reason that causes restrictions in the body is called cross-tissue linkage. Imagine your fingers as individual fibers; the cross-linkage occurs when little fibers grow between the fingers causing them to be pulled together. Now instead of having free moving fingers they are stuck together, it reminds me of string cheese. This reduces flexibility and movement causing the soft tissue to be bunched up then over time it becomes tight and hard. These fibers can be released with certain types of bodywork like Spiral Release bringing back the flexibility and freedom.

You might be wondering how all this information can help you. By releasing the connective tissue and the energy patterns held within we can increase flexibility and movement of course but something even more powerful takes place. You can release the energy held in the tissue, which holds old trauma, emotion, and past life memories. Once released our body upgrades on all levels just as your computer does with a software upgrade. We vibrate at a higher frequency because the denser patterns have been released and this allows us to physically feel lighter and connect on a stronger spiritual level. This is one way to uncover the True-Self by releasing the False-Self, the conditioned self from the body.

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Short and Sweet #134 – Getting to Know your Body

Do you really know what your body does or what it is capable of doing? I am not talking about its physical capabilities. It has so much more to offer us than that. The truth is, as much as we think we know about our body we know very little.

For instance, did you know that your body stores information in the form of energy about your emotional and physical experiences? Did you know that this energy can be accessed and released allowing you to let go of trauma and emotion? Did you know that this energy influences how you interact with the world and everyone around you? Did you know that it is possible to release this held energy without knowing what it pertains to specifically or having to figure anything out about it? Did you know that once these energies are released that it will change how you interact with life? Do you know that you can release the fear that is holding you back in life or making you anxious? Do you know that you can release repressed emotions that still affect the choices you make in life? Do you know that the very things you thought was resolved or released may still be stuck in your body and influencing your choices and behaviors?

There are so many things that you think you do not have control over that can be shifted just by getting to know your body better. I have spent the last 28 years exploring the depths of my body with many modalities most notably deep transformational bodywork.

In my personal life, my sobriety, increase in personal empowerment, the release of fear and anger can all be contributed to this type of work. The shift in my emotional state has allowed me to become more present, caring, loving and focused in my life. These are just a few of the many benefits that I have experienced. In addition to my personal experiences, I have seen this and many other similar things happen with my clients since 1988. The amazing thing is that the letting go process never stops as long as you continue to connect and learn from your body at this deep level.

Why am I telling you this, because it is time that we all begin to wake up to the power of the body and how it can facilitate our growth both personally and spiritually. We must stop taking our bodies’ for granted and only see them as a vehicle for our human journey. We must realize how important and integral they are to our growth as human beings and our connection to the Divine. We must stop beating them up by our over indulgences and choices in food, alcohol and drugs. Getting to know our body and the body of mother earth is vitally important for our continued evolution and survival.


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Short and Sweet #81 – The Body Map

If you read this blog regularly then you know that the last few posts where about body scanning, #78, 79 and 80. Two things this practice helps develop is awareness and a deeper connection with the body. The body is sending us information all the time, without awareness we can miss this helpful guidance. In addition, our body is like a map recording our experiences and history. This stored energy and information changes the physical body to represent the information. In other words, our body structure reflects who we have become and how we interact with the world. I use this type of body reading to help clients understand why their body has become hard, shortened and painful.

Many people do not pay attention to the messages sent by the body. With a heightened awareness, you can begin receiving this information. I believe that the body is one of our greatest allies and spiritual teachers on this journey. It is with us all the time from birth to death constantly sending us useful information on how to live a better life, if we only begin listening.

For instance, did you know the shoulders hold responsibility? When our shoulders become tight and hard or rounded forward, it can mean that we carry too much responsibility in life. The structure of the body changes to show this pattern of behavior and our perceptions. Our words express this knowing, “I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders”.

The energy of every experience throughout our lives including the time we spend in the womb is processed through our bodies. Once we develop certain beliefs in life, we can then interfere with the body processing the energy properly. Over time, this can causes physical changes in the body especially if we keep repeating a certain pattern or behavior, most of the time these behaviors have become habit driven by the subconscious. However, they are playing out on the conscious level so with awareness we can feel or see them. Because our awareness is not fully developed, it is often easier for someone else to see our behavior. Once identified, the opportunity to let them go arises and with an unbending intention and desire on your part, you can finally release them. Once you do, the biochemistry of the body changes and so does the physical structure; this allows healing to take place. You can also release the energy or patterns through some forms of deep transformational bodywork like Spiral Release or energy work like Pellowah.

We have all felt that nervous feeling when we go on our first date but we miss so much more than these obvious signals. The more we tune in the stronger our awareness muscle becomes; we can begin to feel and see the messages easier, even the subtle ones. There are many other benefits to listening to the body. How would you like to know if you were making the wrong life choice just by feeling it in your body? Begin listening to your body with greater awareness and I guarantee you will not regret it and your life will change for the better.


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Short and Sweet #80 – Body Scanning part 2

Body scanning is a simple yet effective practice that I teach to my clients. It helps release resistance to pain and emotion during their session and assists the body in letting go. If you have a yoga practice or stretching routine, it can help you let go deeper. Once your skills are honed, it can be used in everyday life to diffuse anger between you and another person. In addition, it can help release anxiety or tension in the body and be used in many situations.

Start by lying on the floor in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. The floor is preferable to your bed or couch because the firmness will help find areas of tension. In addition, you have a more intimate connection with your bed that could interfere with you staying awake and aware. If you begin falling asleep then you are resisting the practice and not giving it your full attention. If lying down is not possible you can sit in a comfortable position on the floor or in a chair. Eventually with enough practice you can do body scanning anywhere and anytime.

Sometimes when we are having trouble releasing pain or emotion, it is because we are resisting unconsciously. We think that if we resist it will be less painful, however just the opposites happens, the pain increases. We must develop our awareness to this resistance to let it go.

Here is an example of body scanning: While lying on the floor I feel a tight area at the base of my neck but I cannot release the tension. I scan away from the tight area and through the body looking to find other places of tension that I can release. I find that I am able to relax my feet and forehead. Then I notice that I am clinching my teeth and holding my breath. As I release these places I move on to find other new places. I continue doing this and every once in awhile I circle back through the body starting with the first place again to see if it has tensed back up. Once I check in with these places, I continue looking for different places that I can relax. From time to time, I circle back moving through each one from the beginning and I continue this endless circle until I feel like I am done. This could take five minutes or longer depending on what you feel and want to do. Once you are done, open your eyes and then with awareness feel the difference in each area of your body.

You may notice that if you had pain that it has decreased or disappeared. On the other hand, you may notice that first area of tension that you identified and scanned away from is more relaxed. If it does not feel that way do not get discouraged notice what has shifted. Put your attention on what is different instead of just looking at what you feel is wrong or a problem.

If you commit to this exercise everyday for several weeks, you will begin to develop a closer connection to your body and the signals that it sends you. This can affect your life in ways that you would not expect like your diet, the exercise you do and many other areas of your life. Just be open to the possibilities that can come from this simple exercise and expect more things to be revealed with practice.

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Short and Sweet #48 – Pain

What do you think about pain? Do you hate it, try to avoid it, resist it hoping it will go away? Has thinking about pain this way changed your experience of it or did it just increase your suffering? Have you recognized that your feelings about pain are a conditioned response? What if there was another way to feel about pain, one where you could actually suffer less by changing your relationship with it. Would you be willing to consider the possibility that pain is a friend instead of a foe and that it could help you grow spiritually? What a radical idea, right; pain is your spiritual teacher. We typically only notice pain in our lives and body when it rises up to the conscious level where we can feel it. Do you know that your body stores both physical and emotional pain below the conscious level? Anyone who has had bodywork can tell you that they felt pain in their body that they did not know existed and some have even experienced emotional releases from past events. We usually feel pain when we are emotionally or physically hurt, but we can also feel pain while we are healing. If we feel pain when we are healing, is that a bad thing? The next time you can, notice your pain, notice it when you think you are injured and when you begin getting better, see how differently you think about these two experiences. When we change our relationship with pain, our experience will change. You have experienced this phenomenon in your own life, like when you were a child; you may have hated broccoli or some other vegetable. As the child, you would scrunch up your face, scream and cry because you hated it so much. As you grew older, perhaps your relationship with it changed and you started to like it. In addition, this has happened to you in your relationships, with friends perhaps at a job or in other areas of your life. For now, begin to recognize that your pain has something to teach you about yourself. Know that your pain is not a problem but begin to see it as an opportunity to learn something about yourself and your life. Be open to this possibility and stop resisting. Your resistance will intensify your pain, however by starting to look for the opportunity and letting go of any fearful thoughts, feelings of anger or other emotions that hold you back, your pain will guide you out of suffering and into healing. This will take some practice, patience and commitment on your part. Nevertheless, once you change your relationship with pain I guarantee your experience will change for the better.

Short and Sweet #47 – Risk

When we hear the word risk, most of us think about our job or financial security. We often hear that to get ahead in life we have to take risks. Well this is not the only area in life to take risks and frankly, for me, risking in the material world is very superficial compared to taking inner risk. What is inner risk? It is following your soul’s guidance, that feeling that life has something more to offer or that you want to know God more intimately. This will require you to let go of any fear, anger and other emotions that you have stored away. Sometimes it requires risking what other people may think of you or say about you. It definitely requires not listening to what your head is telling you most of the time. By following your true Divine guidance, you can know without a doubt that the payoff will be far greater than any rewards of the material world. Taking inner risks is letting go of all those things that get in the way of you seeing your True Self; it creates space for a greater understanding and connection to the Divine. I receive bodywork with a metal tool called the Acuforce. To some this might seem crazy or too painful, yet I know that any emotions that come up like fear are buried in my body. They are old and no longer useful, therefore when I am able to face these emotions and take the risk to let go, without giving into them I receive countless benefits. Moreover, letting go at this deep level allows me to grow emotionally and spiritually. Risking in life can bring great rewards in the material world, but without inner risk, those rewards will not be satisfying long-term and will be lost in our unhappiness and disappointment because they will not fulfill what the soul seeks. When the inner life is in balance then the enjoyment of the material world becomes a much richer experience.

Short and Sweet #46 – The Body Talks

Are you listening? Yes, the body actually talks to us and can tell us many things including how to live a better life. We hear some messages like when we are hungry or tired. These and many others abound if we only listen and get to know our body’s better. From my experience, the following are general statements, but for many people ring true. For instance, did you know that responsibility is held in the shoulder area? We hear this in our language; I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. The liver carries anger; the kidneys fear, worry the spleen; grief and sadness the lungs. The right side of the body carries male energy and the left female. When you combine this information, it can be even more useful. For example, let’s say you have pain in the trapezius area of your right shoulder. You may feel or have felt overly responsible for a male figure in your life. Did you know that the throat area has to do with speaking your truth? Perhaps your neck pain is related to the fact that you have not been speaking your truth to someone. The body does talk to us and guides us on our spiritual path if we listen. It will teach you how to live your life with more ease and grace. Once you delve even deeper into the body with bodywork, energy work and other modalities that work at a deeper transformational level then you can let go of old energetic patterns. Releasing at this level will allow you to change behaviors, let go of old beliefs and other energies that no longer serve you. Begin to see your body as something more than just a vehicle for your human enjoyment because often it will rebel if you are not listening to its guidance and the less you listen the louder it talks.

Short and Sweet #41 – The Body

The body serves a greater purpose in our personal and spiritual development than we recognize. Over the last twenty-six years, I have explored the physical form through bodywork and experienced deep transformational change. For example, I stopped alcoholic drinking, experienced past lives, released emotional blocks and a myriad of other changes, not to mention the obvious physical changes. I am not saying that every form of bodywork/massage and practitioner will produce these results, however with the right technique and practitioner you can experience shifts on all levels. The body is a conduit, it processes and stores information in the form of energy for every experience we have, past and present. This information is stored in the tissue at a cellular level and effects how we interact with the world, just like the software running in the background on our phone or computer. This is why we will get in a situation and react to it based on history instead of responding in the moment appropriately. Like on a computer the information is outdated, corrupted or should have been deleted. In the body when the information is adulterated we can experience pain or the tissues become shortened and hard. Many do not even feel how much pain is in their body because they do not feel it on a conscious level. If you have ever had a massage you know what I am talking about because you experienced pain in parts of your body that you did not know existed until the practitioner touched the area. In the same way, we have all experienced becoming aware of a behavior that we wanted to stop or change in some way but without this awareness, we continue the behavior. When you begin to listen and work with the body at this level, transformation can occur without having to figure things out or understand why, you can just let go. If you want to understand something that means you have to hold on to it until you understand it. Would you rather figure it out or just let it go? Many times knowing is not helpful because it deals with some past issue that is not relevant to now. While putting your faith and trust (post #34) in the Divine you will find that when you need to know something it will be shown to you, otherwise you can just let go and stop worrying about trying to figure everything out.