Things to Remember in Loss

Remember that it is OK to feel your broken heart. This act of love will not erase the memories that you cherish and the freedom that comes with letting go will only bring you closer to your True-Self.

Remember that you are never alone, even in your darkest moments of life. Call on those you trust both present and gone when you feel that no one can help, because they can.

Do not let your sorrow push away the love of family and friends because without love, you will suffer even more.

It is true that you will never forget your loss, but never let your loss become greater than your gratitude for what that person brought into your life, because if you do, it is as if they were never in your life.

When we are young, life seems inexhaustible, but as we grow older, its fleeting nature reveals itself and we can only show our gratitude for this gift by living each moment to the fullest. We must always do our best and learn from our mistakes, because we all do better when we know better.

It is OK to feel and experience your loss, take whatever time you need, but do not get so lost in your grief that you forget to go about living your life. Because this is, what the person you mourn would want for you, to live, to love, to feel, to be.

Short and Sweet #145 – Understanding Life In Difficult Times

We all have or will experience tragedy, pain and sorrow in our lives. This is a natural part of life. Thinking that life has to be perfect to be happy is a recipe for suffering. In addition, comparing our lives to someone else and thinking if I only had what they have my life would be perfect will end in suffering too. I can assure you that nothing outside you can bring you lasting happiness or eliminate suffering from your life. During difficult times, the tragedy is not the experience we are having; the tragedy is that we do not take the time to understand the meaning.

I have said this before but it bears repeating, in all tragedy is the seed for healing. Tragedy brings the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our human experience on all levels. It opens the door to connect with the True-Self and to have a greater connection and understanding of our fellow human beings. Tragedy can open the bridge between the world we live in and spirit. If we overlook these opportunities, we are missing the gift that tragedy and suffering bring. If we are not careful, it is just as easy to allow the tragedy to take us in the other direction, letting our fear lead us into anger, resentment, overwhelming suffering where we can become stuck for years.

In life, we always have a choice no matter what the situation is and we need to recognize that in every situation is every outcome. What I mean by this is that there is good in the bad, all things exist at the same time. We have the choice to see what we want. When tragedy strikes take all the time you need to feel the feelings, but remember not to overlook the opportunity. Do not be swallowed up by your tragedy and remember who you are, tap into the truth of the True-Self to find your way to a new you.
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Short and Sweet #69 – Death

We fear death and see it as loss, yet it is so much more than what the mind thinks. Our experience of it makes us think that it is separate from living and different from birth. However, it is not, it is the match that lights the candle of creation. Birth does not exists without death because all things are reborn in their death. Human beings are on an evolutionary journey that is an endless cycle of death and birth, this is life; this is creation.

There is the death we see all around us like plants, our body and everything we perceive to be separate from us. Then there is the death of those things that we cannot see with the naked eye like the cells in our body or all the microscopic animals living among us. However, what is just as important is the death of who we have become to birth who we really are now. Each day there is an opportunity to be reborn, to see and experience the world in a new way. We go through this whether we want to or not, yet when we embrace it suffering lessens and everything changes. We are no longer resisting what is but flowing with the river of life itself. Once we see that the world is clearly not this or that, we can recognize that two things can be true at the same time. With this new understanding, life is no longer rooted in fear and survival. We begin to see that all things have purpose and from the death of the False Self comes the resurrection of the True Self and we are reborn here and now.