Short and Sweet #175 – Misperception

The sadness of your discontent is only an illusion of a life seen through the eyes of misperception. It is through our continued efforts and intention to know otherwise, that the light of understanding can come in and open the doors of truth once again.

Do not fret because any effort will lead you there however small, when supported with an unbending intention to do so. Your soul knows this and is continually trying to guide you there. It is when you are refusing its guidance that you feel your discontent. Release your control over what you think you know, then accept and allow, “What Is” to come in knowing that it is always for your highest good.

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Short and Sweet #157 – Bigger Than YOU

For many of us life ends up being a search for something that will take away the uncomfortable feelings. Maybe we do not feel like we fit in or we are not loved. The story and feelings may be different but in the end there is an emptiness, as if something is missing. Maybe you are still feeling this emptiness, that there has to be something more to life, that the continued search for happiness and security through the material world is not working. Chasing the perfect job, relationship or material possession brings some temporary joy but then you have to find the next thing because those feelings disappear and you feel empty again.

When we begin to awaken, we realize that there is something bigger in life than our own self-interest. We recognize that having the perfect job, money in the bank and a nice car does not fulfill us anymore and does not bring us true happiness. We know that security does not come from how much money we have in the bank that it can only come from an inner knowing of who we are and that we are always taken care of no matter what. A yearning for something deeper and more meaningful takes over and then we know we are on the right path.

Until then, whatever we are going through is necessary to guide us toward awakening. To help teach us what we need to learn , so do not ever look back and wish that things had been different. Know that you would not be who you are today without those experiences. Take note of what you learned from those difficult times and realize that you made it through and that you were taken care of all along the way. Why because at some point during those difficult times you thought they were never going to end, that your life would never get better, but it did. Therefore, if you are having difficult times now remember that truth, look back and see that you made it through other difficult times, and know that you will make it through again. The Universe is not conspiring against you; it is conspiring in your favor ALWAYS!

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Short and Sweet #125 – Making The Best Of Today

We all end up in situations that we wish were different during our lifetime. However, the act of wishing things to be different can create suffering. There is a natural flow to life, recognizing this truth in our lives can greatly reduce our suffering and may even end it.

The wise person accepts everything that shows up in their life knowing that nothing is permanent. When we put all of our attention on what is wrong we will fail to see the opportunities that the Divine presents us. Looking back, we can see the vicissitudes throughout our life. Recognizing this natural rise and fall of things gives us proof of this truth; we can then avoid suffering in the moment knowing that whatever is happening is temporary.

We can then collaborate with the creative energy of the universe to manifest something different by taking our attention off what is wrong and focusing on what is right. Too often, we are stuck in our suffering and this becomes all we can see. By not focusing on what is different, we give our energy over the very thing that we do not want in our lives. This transfer of energy increases its strength, which make us feel that things will never change. For some, this can be very destructive because they feel their lives are not worth living anymore.

Do not let your thoughts take you down this illusionary path by telling you that there is no way out or that things will never change because this is a lie. Things always change, however if we continue to put all our energy towards what we do not want we will not be able to see this. Then what is false becomes our truth and we can no longer consciously interact with the field of infinite possibilities, therefore our creative energy becomes sick in suffering. Our thoughts continue to create what we do not want and we continue to spiral down.

Turning this around is always possible no matter the difficulty. However, you must stay on the path of self-discovery and be willing to uncover the True-Self. If you are, then you will learn that the rise and fall of things does not have to change the moments of your life. You will know that you are more than the praise or blame that comes your way. You will become the balance point between the moments of your life receiving all that the Divine freely offers.


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Short and Sweet #120 – What’s UP With Prayer

Many intentionally use the power of prayer to change their lives. However, do you realize that everyone on the planet prays? Yes, I said everyone; this even includes people who do not believe in God.

Prayer is a dialog with God and this dialog is an exchange of energy. Now if you have read my blog you know that God is the creative energy of the universe. When we look at what makes up everything in the universe we know that it is energy. Our thoughts are energy and that energy has the power to create. Did you ever consider your thoughts to be a prayer?

A prayer is not just a verbal dialog with God, but it can also be an energetic dialog through our thoughts. If we are not paying attention and we have a repetitive thought, it can become a prayer. If this thought is negative, it can manifest just as easily as a positive one. Please note I said repetitive, I am not saying every thought we have will manifest into your life, obviously that does not happen. Nor is every prayer answered in the way that we THINK we NEED or WANT. What I am saying is to begin noticing what you say to yourself . Of course, this requires developing awareness to your unconscious thoughts and then reframing them.

If your prayers seem to go unanswered, do not blame God. God is not the problem. Instead, look within and notice what you feel around your specific prayer. Is there fear or uncertainty? Are you asking for just what you want or what you really need? Is there a clear intention behind your prayer and have you let go of attachment to the outcome? Many will pray outwardly for one thing while believing inwardly that it will never happen. These are conflicting energies and create confusion for creating what you want.

It is important to strip away the layers of social conditioning, false beliefs and inner fears to connect fully with the creative energy of the universe. This is because prayer is not a substitute for our inner work, but it can be a positive tool for connecting to the heart of creation. Whether it is using a specific prayer or just having a normal conversation with the Divine does not matter. What matters is your faith in creation to respond in a way that is for your highest good, then accepting the outcome with gratitude, even when your prayer is not answered in the way that you want. We do not always see the beauty in what shows up until we let go of our resistance to what is.


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Short and Sweet #59 – The Grace of God

Like the sun in the sky, the Grace of God is always with us. Even when clouds abound we know that the sun is there and will shine again. Yet there are times when we allow our faith to wane and tell the Divine that we feel abandoned. Yet we are the ones doing the abandoning, we forget that the Grace of God is there because things are not going the way WE think they should. As our faith wanes so too does our connection to spirit, we withdraw our energy from source, we become internal, feeling lost and left behind. In times like this, it is important to remember that we are one with creation and one with God. We cannot be forsaken unless we do it to ourselves. You can turn this around by remembering who you are, trusting once again and having faith in the Grace of God. When you know that you will always be taken care of then no matter what is happening your connection to creation remains strong; your connection to God does no waiver. This is where you find your real security in life.

Short and Sweet #49 – Resistance

When we resist we contravene the laws of creation, energy and God. Take that in and recognize the truth in it, because it can change everything for you. In addition, know that when you are resisting that the ego (see#44) has taken control and is leading you astray. Resistance says to the Divine that you do not believe that what is happening is right and perfect just the way it is. All your faith and trust in a higher power is gone, because with it you have no fear and no reason to resist the natural order of creation. Remember whatever you resist, will persist and intensify. As I mentioned in post #48 about pain, we have a distorted view of what is happening and if we change our perspective and attitude, our experience will change. We may be resisting because we think there is a problem coming and if we resist, then the problem will not happen or in the case of pain we think we will experience less pain by resisting. This type of thinking never works because we are acting against creation, not with it. You must remember always that we are never given more than we can handle.  We have become conditioned to resists many things in life so it takes awareness, courage, trust, faith and commitment to let it go. However, I believe that if you look back at your life, you will see times when you finally let go of your resistance and things turned out better than you expected. Remember these times when you find yourself in a difficult situation and you are resisting. Trust the Divine to create a better life for you than you could for yourself. Know that you are always safe and do not let your fear keep you in resistance but allow your faith to let you release your resistance into something greater than yourself, our collective creative consciousness that we call God.

Short and Sweet #35 – Changing the World

Yesterday we talked about trust and how it is different from faith. Yet during difficult times, we need both, the noun and the verb. When we live in faith and trust, we know that the Universe has more in store for us than we can imagine. We must remember to not get in our own way and recognize that we cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves. Wanting the world to change without changing our view will only lead to disappointment and suffering. We must find satisfaction in doing our best and not waiting for the other person to change. Ask yourself this question, if I do not change then how will the world change?

Short and Sweet #21 – True Freedom

The only place that true freedom exists is in the recognition that your spiritual nature is free. All earthly freedoms can be taken away. It is only our spiritual nature that knows no bounds, no difficulties, and sees no threats. When we can embrace this truth and live in this vibration true freedom is finally known. The fluctuating aspects and experiences of life no longer affect our state of being. All talk of balance, peace, happiness and love are no longer needed because we embody the vibration of the Divine. The divine does not have to discuss what it already is and it is up to us to see this within ourselves so that we may experience who we really are instead of chasing life. Whether we are able to make it this far I cannot say for that is up to us. What is important is that we try, we trust and with unbending intention, we never give up. Why, because we have faith and deep inside we know it is true.