The Excitement of FEAR

Life can be difficult at times, which can cause emotions to run wild and wreak havoc on our sleep, body, and life. We experience worry, anxiety and endless thoughts that things will not go our way.

We become frozen in fear and are not able to take the steps we need to, to create what we want. Our fear becomes the instigator of manifesting what we worried about in the first place because of our lack of action.

Here are a few acronyms for fear I learned years ago. You may have heard them before:

False Evidence Appearing Real”

Face Everything And Recover”

Future Events Already Ruined”

However, this next one has more power in it. It is important to know that we can change our perceptions. Once we do our experience also changes. Therefore, the acronym for fear I want to share with you today is this:

Feeling Excited And Ready”

Now doesn’t that feel different from the other ones when you read it? Yes, the three I mentioned above can bring new insight to your situation, but they do not necessarily get you moving or encourage taking action. When we feel a sense of adventure taking action is much easier because we want to move forward, our fear shifts or drops away entirely and no longer is an obstacle, it becomes a motivator. Yes, fear can be a motivator.

Back in my alcoholic drinking days, the fear of going to jail became a motivator for me to stop drinking and it got me to take action. If you think about it, at some point in your life fear was a decisive factor in making some kind of positive change in your life, and you just did not notice it at the time.

Therefore, the next time you become overwhelmed with fear and your thoughts run amuck, remember the acronym and say to yourself, I am feeling excited and ready; I am prepared for this new adventure. From this new perspective, you can start taking action instead of being paralyzed in a fearful story of your own making.


As an individual, a country and a planet that is becoming more connected than separated we must learn from our deepest fears. Otherwise, we will continue to inflict suffering, pain and even death to others, and ourselves instead of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and love. When will we learn? When will we face our fears instead of acting out from them? When will we have the courage to do the right thing?

“What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti


Mine, Yours, OURS

When our desire for money, security and even safety is driven by fear, are we following the teachings of our religion, especially when it is at the expense of those who are suffering? Would this be the choice of Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha? In addition, if you are not religious, are you doing the moral and right thing when you allow these choices to be made?

What are we so afraid of in this life that we would put our own interest ahead of those who are suffering, perhaps that we too will suffer? Maybe our greatest gift will come in taking this risk and reaching out with our hearts instead of trying to put walls up to protect what we think is ours and ours alone. Remember nothing is ours to begin with and all is meant to be shared. We should no longer be the selfish child on the playground, but the generous and loving adult that we grew up to be.

It is always easier to be frustrated than to be kind.
It is always easier to be angry than to forgive.
It is always easier to hate than to love.

We all have the opportunity to look within and make different choices in this life, today, tomorrow, and always.


Surviving the Rough Waters Ahead

“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll get seasick everyday.” – Leonard Cohen

Those who want to stay stuck in the old ways of thinking and behavior will continue to feel seasick. Their lack of understanding will only increase their suffering as they struggle to avoid the inevitable. You cannot stop the power of oneness that is bursting from the hearts of so many beings from around the world today.

Donald Trump and many others in power, in this country and around the world are an expression of this old thinking and behavior. Our continued evolution has brought it to the surface so that those who could not see it before can no longer avoid seeing the truth.

Those who continue to express the old paradigm cannot survive. Yes, this can be painful for those who still fear that our old ways have the power to survive and retake their lofty place in the world again. However, I can assure you this cannot happen; this will not happen. Let go of your suffering and use your fearful energy to focus on what you want; use it to catapult yourself forward, instead of holding you back. Fear is not your enemy; it can be your ally to healing when used for good.

We can no longer fear our neighbor, whether they are across the street or around the world, because in the end it will be love that brings us together, not hate, not fear, not anger; not anything that is not born out of our oneness. Deep in our hearts, everyone knows this, even those who do not seem to express it.

What many are seeing so vividly now is the expression of our deepest conditioning. If it makes you fearful, angry or worried, then you are part of the solution and you must transform this energy and use it for healing and nothing else. Otherwise, this energy will feed the very thing that makes you fearful, angry and worried. Then you will be prolonging the inevitable and your own suffering.

Remember, become the ocean and end your seasickness.

Becoming A Positive Person

I received this question in an email. I have edited my response to make it universal and I hope you find it helpful.

Unwittingly, it seems I have become a very negative person, full of fear. Will God help me?

You help yourself by taking right action. If you have BECOME a negative person then you can BECOME a positive person. It is your choice! Is every thought you have positive? If not, then re-frame it. This requires you to pay attention to your thoughts and actions and when they are not positive, change them. You do this enough and one day you will have more positive thoughts than negative. Pay attention!

Do not make excuses that it is because of this or that. You are making your choices today in each moment. Yes, you may have been treated wrongly in the past, but you are an adult and you know when you have a wrong thought or take a wrong action and your past is no excuse for your choices in this moment. So stop blaming your past for your choices now, take responsibility for your choices.

Do not wait for God to heal you, heal yourself by doing these things. What you fear is fear itself and not the truth. When you face your fear you will find that these thoughts were all for nothing and just an illusion. It is through facing your fear that you will become empowered, otherwise you will allow your fear to hold you back, hold you down and your life will be small. If you desire more then do more. God helps those who help themselves.


Short and Sweet #172 – Accept What Is

“I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me.” – Erica Jong

“To ignore or not admit our fear is resistance to what is. We all experience fear from time to time, this is normal. When we resist our fear, the energy builds in the body. This growing energy (fear) increases in strength. The body begins to be transformed as well as our lives. The fear begins to control us and our body begins showing signs of this transformation in the form of pain, stiffness and other maladies. Life is not about not experiencing fear or any other difficult emotion or situation. We must allow the energy to move through us and not resist it. It is our perceptions, attitude and beliefs around our life that change the experience. Change these things to live more fully and stop thinking that everything has to be perfect or that it will be OK when… Start accepting what is and keep the energy moving. This will allow you to settle into more ease and grace in your life.”

Short and Sweet #155 – The Unknown Fear Holding You Back

First, you must not try to eliminate fear from your life because it is impossible, besides fear is useful. Your life will be very small if there is no fear in it. Now I am not talking about the fear we have when we are in danger. The fear I am speaking of is about stretching and growing in our lives. Fear is part of the fabric of life and we must learn to use fear to fulfill our destiny and recognize that we need to move through it to create what we want. If you are not experiencing some fear in your life then you are not living fully. If we allow the fear of our fear to hold us back then we are held in a suspended state, not moving forward toward our potential or our purpose.

Many, if not all of us have a fear that resides just under the surface and out of our conscious awareness. We ignore this subtle feeling and it keeps us stuck where we are. Why have you not followed your dreams? Why have you not done what you once said you wanted to? Know that you still can, it is never too late. We will tell ourselves we cannot because of the family or I do not have the money or time, these are all excuses used by this underlying fear to keep us stuck. Yes, fear will give you plenty of reasons why you cannot follow your dreams.

If you want to break free then you must acknowledge the fear and then use its energy to help you create what you want. I am not telling you this will be easy but if you do not do it, one day you will wake up full of regret. You already feel there is something more that you need to do in this life. You know that you have more to give, but you just cannot seem to find a way to begin.

This is because you are allowing the False-Self to keep you stuck. Make up your mind this very moment to take the first step and each time you feel fear or have thoughts that tell you that you cannot do what you want use that and say, oh yes I can fear and you are not going to stop me this time. Do not let any thought or person tell you otherwise. Surround yourself with people who support you and let all the naysayers go. Life is short and you are here for a reason, you have a gift and if you do not use your gift then you will never feel fulfilled.

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