Experiencing God

You will never find God by looking out into the world or through the path of knowledge. It is not a matter for the mind. You will never find God thinking that you will only meet him, her, or it after you die. Know too that God does not have human characteristics in its natural state. It cannot be described by words it can only be experienced. Furthermore, you do not have to wait until you die to have this experience.

As long as you attach to personhood and your senses, you will be tricked by the mind and your thoughts, making this experience an elusive one. The mind is a master of distraction. Do you already know this fact?

The world is held captive, not by bad people, but by misguided thinking. However, you do not have to stay hostage to this habitual thinking. You can break free when you want and do not let your thoughts tell you otherwise.

Remember, that many of the beliefs and thoughts that arise in the mind have been instilled in you from a very young age. Therefore, know that it may take some practice to be free. Nevertheless, you cannot fail, because how can you fail to become who you already are, you only need to remember this by experiencing your real nature once again.

In your heart, you know the truth. Take some time to be quiet, drop down from the mind and into the heart of God. I assure you that as long as you do not pick up your thoughts and walk away again, you will remember your real nature.

Keep this as a reminder, you will never find God through your thoughts.

Become the observer of the mind, and retire as its playmate. Use it when you need to, but do not let it continue to use you as it has for so many years. Once you do, the experience of God will find you, because God is not separate from you, and has not forsaken you.

The only thing that separates you from God is a thought and your belief in that thought.

In The Mind That Makes It One

Race is only an issue in the mind that makes it one. Sexual orientation is only an issue in the mind that makes it one. Pick a topic where people cannot agree or there are large gaps and you will see that this is always true. If it were not true then no one would ever change sides on an issue; they would never change their mind and we would all agree on everything or would we all disagree.

Look at what you thought was wrong and now you think is OK. Look at what was right at one time in your life and now you see it as wrong. The simple answer here is that nothing has changed except how you think about it.

Yes, the disagreers will point to something outside of themselves to prove their rightness, like scripture, spiritual text or some other thing. Yet they fail to see that we are one. That we are more alike than different and that the people who translated those texts and the time in which they were written may have influenced the words on the page. It is man not God who made these changes. You do not write against something, unless it already exists.

The God I know does not want from us and certainly does not judge us for our differences. We were all created from the same source. We were created from love and when we live from love, the differences fall away and we only see what has always been there, our oneness.

Is your God different from the one I know? Does your God judge, get angry and punish you because you do not do what it wants? God is not your enemy, but the mind certainly can be if you do pay attention to what you think and why. Therefore, listen intently to what it says to you, because maybe you do not believe what it is telling you anymore. That realization, that moment is the opportunity to experience a new way of living by letting go of your conditioning and old way of thinking.

Short and Sweet #160 – YOU are the LIGHT of CREATION

Within you is the light of creation and you should know that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. I understand that you may not feel this way now, but that does not mean it is not true. It certainly would not be the first that you have been mistaken in this life. This may be difficult to accept because you are identified with the False-Self and not the True-Self. Do not worry, this is a common experience at first for all of us. In fact, when things no longer make sense or you feel uncomfortable in your life you have reached a turning point. If you have not reached this point, do not worry because you would not be reading this now if you were not on the path. The intellectual mind cannot think you to this place, it is something that you have to experience and feel in your life. However, until you reach this point, it is helpful to believe in the possibility. Because you are the light of creation there is really nothing for you to figure out, you only need to let go of who you have become to remember who you are.

If I were a quarter, the head of the coin would be the False-Self. It identifies with mind, ego, thoughts and the material world. The tail of the coin represents the True-Self, it identifies with its direct connection to spirit and its foundation in love. A coin is neither the head nor the tail; in fact, most of the coin is the space between the two. We are like the coin, we have the ability in human form to live from the False-Self or the True-Self, many times we are bouncing back and forth, as we learn and grow. However, we are much more than the False-Self and the True-Self; we are part of the light of creation. We are not just part of creation; we are part of the creator as well. Everything is connected and works in synchronicity, but as long as we see the world through the eyes of the False-Self we will only see separation, this is the illusion. We fail to see the oneness is all things, the connection and the synchronicity.

Remember when things get tough, we always hold the perfection and light of the creative energy of the universe in us. We are held in the arms of creation like a mother holding her child. Creation only wants the best for us, so feel this truth within and not just your struggle. Do not ignore what is happening to you, but at the same time, do not put all of your attention there. This serves no purpose and only leads to suffering. Remember to put your attention on who you really are and know that the universe is conspiring in your favor. No matter what the False-Self sees, you are the light of creation.


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Short and Sweet #133 – You Are A Good Person

It is important for me to tell you today that you are a good person. Do not forget this very important truth. No matter what you have done, you are a good person. The False-Self will tell you otherwise, so do not listen to these stories, because you are a good person. We do not need to learn compassion because we are compassionate. We do not need to learn to be loving because we are loving. The True-Self does not need to teach us any of these things because it already is these things. We do not need to learn to be happy because we are happy. This is why you are a good person, because the very foundation of who you are is a good person.

You may not feel this way all the time because you have listened to the False-Self, which tells you that you are not a good person because of your mistakes. However, all these things are at the very core of who you are because God is loving, patient, kind, forgiving… are you not made in the image of God?

Even if you have killed someone, you are a good person. Why, because your true nature is that of a good person. We can all be lead down the wrong path by the False-Self. In fact, we have more than once, maybe we did not kill someone but we have all made mistakes; we have all hurt someone else in this life.

If we do not learn from our mistakes then we keep making them, but this does not make us a bad person. There is no such thing as a bad person because we are all one with creation. We are all good at our core, no matter what we have done we can re-connect with our True-Self. We can release whatever we have become to uncover the True-Self and to live our lives as who we are a good person. Remember to recognize when you do something that makes you feel less than who you really are and then remind yourself that YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. Learn from your mistakes and make a better choice the next time. This will allow you to let go of the False-Self and uncover a little more of the True-Self as you continue your journey of awakening.


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Short and Sweet #117 – Who or What is God

I just got back from vacation and I feel like going into the deep end. How about you? Please leave your logical mind and beliefs at the door and come in with an open mind. You do not have to understand or agree with what I am going to say, only be open to the possibility that maybe you do not understand everything. Now I am not saying I am right, I am only offering you a different perspective that changed my life and could change yours too.

First, you need to adopt the belief that we are all one. This will be easier if you think of everything we see, feel and touch as only energy, including your body and all its part. By the way, that last sentence is true; everything is made of pure energy including the chair you sit on. If this is something that you can accept at least temporarily then please keep reading.

The energy that forms all things is part of the creative energy of the universe and what we call God. God is not a separate person or higher being. Did that last sentence bother you? Are your beliefs so strong that you cannot keep an open mind?

Let’s say that God is the sun, the beams of light that come from the sun are still part of the sun. They may seem separate from each other but when traced back to the sun they are part of the whole. Do you see where I am going with this? We are all part of the creative energy of the universe and all part of God. There I said it you are part of God. I told you we were going into the deep end.

Once you can embrace this and move away from fearful thoughts of a vengeful God, a punishing God or a God who does not hear your prayers then you can begin to take one-hundred percent responsibility for your life and what is happening in the world. You can begin to create what you want in this life with this new perspective. Why, because you have all the creative energy of the universe at your disposal to manifest what you want. You only have to let go of the conditioned False-Self; who you think you are and uncover the True-Self.


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