Short and Sweet #51 – Non-Duality

We often see the world through the eyes of duality. For example, right/wrong, good/evil, pretty/ugly, intelligent/stupid. Seeing the world like this leads to judgment and separation. We experience the best that life has to offer when we experience it through relationship. When we are in relationship with life, we stop seeing the world from duality and we recognize that creation is not mutually exclusive. We need the dualistic mind to live our everyday life and to do our jobs, however when talking about the True Self and inner exploration it falls short of understanding the deeper meaning and truths of life. In reality we cannot be in the dualistic mind when offering kindness, compassion or true love because the False Self will always have an agenda. If we are truly being honest and aware then we will see that the False Self is looking for what it can get from the other person in these situations. Once we begin to see the world through the eyes of non-duality, judgment and separation disappear. The True Self shines and we only want the highest good for all involved. When we offer kindness, compassion and love from this place, real healing occurs with ease and grace. We are now fulfilling our purpose by being a true expression of the Divine in human form.

Short and Sweet #25 – Judgement

I mentioned judgment as an example for the practice shared yesterday and it has stuck with me. We live in a world full of judgment and although I cannot change this outwardly, I can and do take action inwardly every day. Recognizing that judgment is not just looking at someone and thinking for example that he or she is overweight, but it can also been seen as he or she is attractive. I think that too often we only think of judgment as a negative view, when in fact it can be something we might perceive as a positive acknowledgement. You can tell the difference by the intent behind the so-called acknowledgement. OK a little rigorous honesty here, judgment is a big thing for me and when I started doing The Practice see #24 it revealed to me just how much I was judging. I find the gym one place where I get to practice The Practice by judging how people look or how they are working out. I then realized that even noticing attractive women at the gym was a judgment on my part. Meaning the intent was more sexual, yes I said that, sorry but let’s be honest a lot of us do that when we see an attractive man or woman. Therefore, I am getting plenty of practice around all kinds of judgment at the gym. The first action is to become aware that you are judging because a lot of this happens silently out of your conscious awareness. Start with admitting that occasionally you judge someone or something. Make an unbending intention that you want to change the behavior. Begin doing The Practice in #24 consistently throughout your day. If we really want to rid the world of judgment, we must rid our inner world of judgment first. As we shift the energy inside us, we raise our vibration and this in turn begins to change the world through the energetic matrix. Even if you think, I am full of it with the vibration and energetic stuff that should still not stop you from changing yourself. Everything else will take care of itself anyway, it always does. Oh and yes you can apply this to any behavior you want to change so please do not stop with judgment on my account. 😉