No More Change Just Let Go

I find that many perceive and think that letting go means they have to change. Moreover, of course, we do not like change; we like to stay in our comfort zone even if our comfort zone is uncomfortable. I mean who likes struggle, suffering, and pain, which we often unconsciously associate with change. The truth is change is not required, only reconnecting with our True-Self through awareness is needed.

It does not matter how well, or bad your life may be, you can always let go, try it just once and see what happens. Even the best life, lived well, can be lived more fully.

Rescue Yourself First Before The World

Rescue yourself first and stop watching the news. Trust that you will hear what you need to know and give yourself a rest from tragedy and heartache. Learn to be energy intelligent and literate. Be aware of how things affect you in the moment and not after you are already too sad, angry, tired, worried… A life well lived is one that comes from awareness and responds appropriately, instead of reacting out of conditioning.

Short and Sweet #178 – Over or Under the Roll

We often become rigid and fixed in our ideas and ways of living. This rigidity cuts us off from one another and from ourselves and does not allow the natural flow of change to occur. Just look at our government these days and you can see rigid ideas at play. The truth is, in most cases, that there is more than one way to do things. We do have choices. These choices become locked up in a box when we become fixed in our ideas. The answer may be right in front of us, but we are too busy defending what we believe to be the right way, the only way. In many cases, one way is not even better than another, it is just that we have a preference. We then defend our preference without even realizing that the other way works just as well, maybe even better.

Which do you prefer: over or under? Yes, I am talking about toilet paper. I realize this does not seem very important, but it is a perfect example. Besides just tell that to someone who wants it a particular way. The truth is you can still use the toilet paper no matter how it hangs.

We need to realize, even with our kids or anyone else, that if they want to do something a certain way and we think it is wrong it is still ok to let them have their way. At the very worst, it will not work and they will learn from that choice. Isn’t this how we all learn some of our most important lessons in life? Yes, we do not want someone to make a mistake or to get emotionally hurt. However, if they do not want our advice, then step back and let them have their way. If it bothers you then recognize that it is your issue, not theirs. Ask yourself why you want them to do it your way. Perhaps you would feel more peaceful if you just let it go. There are many paths to the truth and you and I do not have all the answers.

This is always easier to see when it is two other people stuck rigidly defending opposite sides. They can even be saying the same thing in different ways and still not see that they agree. It is trickier to see this when it happens to us. Yes, we can have this struggle within ourselves and not even know it, let alone see it. For example: that dish of ice cream. Is there a part of you that justifies having it while another part says no? Well we all know who wins that argument.

So which is it: over or under? Maybe the next time you should just let go of your own rigidity, let the other person have their way, and walk away a little more peaceful, a little less attached to your own ideas.

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Short and Sweet #146 – The Complexity In Life

If you want to continue traveling down the hard road then keep looking for the complexity in life. We like complexity and would rather take a million steps to get somewhere than just one. When you hear that it is simple, you say I already know that and you fail to hear the truth in the simple ways. Do you see in your own life that the simplest things are the most important? Look closely, otherwise you will overlook this truth.

If you do then why do you try to make everything so complex? Why do you think that it has to be so hard? This is your mind and conditioning telling you that things are too difficult to understand. The mind will tell you that the only way to let something go is to figure it out first, to understand it. In addition, at the same time it tells you that it is difficult and complex to understand life.

When you think you have to figure something out before you can let it go know that you cannot let it go until you figure it out. Here is your choice, hold onto it until you figure it out, which by the way may never happen or just let it go. Yes, it is that simple. Trust that if you are meant to know something it will come, without effort on your part. Know that it will be revealed to you in a way that you can understand; a way without complexity and if nothing comes then there is nothing you need to know.

Complexity is not the way to awakening; it will only lead you to more suffering and keep you stuck where you are in life. The truth is that all we need to know we already know we just do not put it into practice because it seems too simple. You think it cannot possibly work if it is that simple. I can tell you with certainty you will never find your way out through the maze of complexity. So please pay close attention the next time you hear something that seems too simple to work because it may just change your life. For instance, you do not have to know or understand something to let it go and move on in your life.


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Short and Sweet #90 – Energy

What does the word energy bring to mind when you hear it? It can have many different meanings for each of us depending on the situation and context. However, the one thing that we rarely think about is the fact that everything is energy. The universe and everything in it, is just one big bowl of energy broth. Our mind likes to separate each thing, label it and tell you that it is separate from you. This allows the doors of judgment to open up and we begin to compare the people, places and things that we see as separate from ourselves.

This is the illusion, because everything we see is part of the broth, all made from the same stuff. An example is just seeing ourselves as a human being made of up of bones, organs and tissue. This fills the mind with its need for problems and complexity. We overlook the simple because we are too preoccupied by the complex.

Everyone has experienced being connected to everything at one time or another. It can be experienced in joy for instance, seeing an incredible sunset or perhaps you met a friend that was depressed and you walked away feeling depressed. Think back I am sure that you can find some examples in your own life of feeling the oneness. Yet as soon as we step back into the illusion, it goes away. This does not have to happen as often if you are willing.

When we can let go of seeing things from the many and move toward oneness we open the door to awakening. When you simplify your view of life and how things work, you have greater clarity in seeing the truth and what is real. This does not happen overnight for most people, but involves personal inquiry, open-mindedness, a willingness and wish to find oneself behind the ever busyness of the mind.

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Short and Sweet #66 – Simplicity

There is simplicity in truth and the more we simplify our lives the more room there is for balance, joy and peace. These days we tend to lose sight of simplicity and our lives are scheduled up to the brim with what has to be done. However if we are truly honest with ourselves about our schedules we can see that most of what we think we have to do is not critical to our happiness or survival. Parents are worried that their children will not get into the right preschool or grade school. Activities are over scheduled so much so that they do not have time to go outside and play, to be in nature and just be kids. Many adults are in the same place thinking that each moment of their day has to be filled with something to do. We are on the go so much that to sit and meditate is uncomfortable and we get bored.

Losing simplicity in our lives is causing a spiritual disconnection and when coupled with our loss of wonder in the miracle of life we abuse our body and in the name of profit and progress, we continue to abuse the planet. Without establishing a deeper connection in our hearts with all that we see and once again looking at the world with wonder and amazement as a child does, we will feel lost; we will be lost. Because all things in life that have importance, beauty and value are simple; and the simplest of all things is divine truth.