Does the World Seem Full of Hate

If you feel the world is full of hate, then you are looking through the eyes of the False-Self. Your conditioned beliefs are using you through the thoughts in your mind. You will hear, “see I am telling you the truth, just look” and then what you see and hear will logically confirm these thoughts and this will become your truth, but this is a trick of the False-Self.

Your worry, anger and frustration will energetically feed and strengthen the very thing you do not want in your life or this world.

In order to change this, you must become aware of what you are thinking and then shift your thoughts and energy towards what you want. The real world, the one beyond the conditioned self, the one the True-Self sees, is full of love, compassion and empathy. You know this is true because you have seen it when you are connected to your True-Self.

Which one will you choose to focus on? Which one will you contribute your energy to creating? I am not talking about airy, fairy, new age stuff here, this is a universal law and how energy works. We create what we put our attention on, so stop putting it where it does not belong. This has never been more noticeable than during our current presidential race. Just look at how you have been thinking about the world, other people and your life. Has it been focused on love, compassion and empathy or something else?

Your fear will not guide you back to the True-Self, unless you use it knowingly. Yes, you can use your fear to heal and grow spiritually, but only if you are aware of it and then it will guide you away from what you fear and back to your True-Self. So use your fear for your highest good, instead of it using you and keeping you stuck in the control of the False-Self.

I ask you, where is your energy going? Where is your attention? What are you thinking about when your mind should be quiet? Is it on what you want or is it leading you astray?

Things to Remember in Loss

Remember that it is OK to feel your broken heart. This act of love will not erase the memories that you cherish and the freedom that comes with letting go will only bring you closer to your True-Self.

Remember that you are never alone, even in your darkest moments of life. Call on those you trust both present and gone when you feel that no one can help, because they can.

Do not let your sorrow push away the love of family and friends because without love, you will suffer even more.

It is true that you will never forget your loss, but never let your loss become greater than your gratitude for what that person brought into your life, because if you do, it is as if they were never in your life.

When we are young, life seems inexhaustible, but as we grow older, its fleeting nature reveals itself and we can only show our gratitude for this gift by living each moment to the fullest. We must always do our best and learn from our mistakes, because we all do better when we know better.

It is OK to feel and experience your loss, take whatever time you need, but do not get so lost in your grief that you forget to go about living your life. Because this is, what the person you mourn would want for you, to live, to love, to feel, to be.

False Perceptions and Beliefs

The way you are feeling is not the fault of what someone has done to you, but your perception of his or her actions, you must recognize that the problem is not out there. Once you do, then the real work begins uncovering the false perceptions and beliefs that led you to feeling hurt. When you let this go, then you can see the truth. You will see the pain and suffering that caused the other to act out. You will recognize your own role in this story and then you can rewrite it. With experience, we find that it is not what happens to us in life, but how we respond to it that dictates how much our life is filled with pain or joy.

What are you focusing on…

“We focus on the negatives, losing ourselves in the ‘problem.’ We point to our unhappy circumstances to rationalize our negative feelings. This is the easy way out. It takes, after all, very little effort to feel victimized.” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

“When we only see our problems as problems, we suffer. What I have noticed is when I begin looking at a problem as an opportunity my experience changes. The sooner I do this the less I suffer and the quicker I find my way out. To see how true this is, look back at your life and what your problems have taught you about living life more fully. If you cannot see this then you are still in the problem and still suffering.” –Tim Custis


Your self- judgment will not heal you or change your life for the better. Judgment of another person does not change them or solve your problems; it roots them more deeply into our collective psyche.

The only permanent solution is inner work, for it is here that healing occurs on all levels. What we are able to uncover and release within ourselves ultimately is what changes and heals the world.

It has already been proven that a million-man march, war and other external solutions do not work. Only the final call for inner knowing has this power to heal. I know you feel this inner calling, so begin to answer it today, because your resistance will only cause you to suffer.

It is OK – Just Let Go

Our pain and suffering does not come from letting go, it comes from holding on. When we let go in faith and trust there is no pain or strain. It is only when we resist what we know we must do that we suffer. If you are experiencing pain then you are holding on to something that you know that you need to let go.

Fear is holding you back and it is only a creation of the mind, a misguided false sense of protection. Let it go and you will see that all will be well. You know this is true because you have experienced it before. You have let go of your fear in the past and you became stronger, more powerful and more connected to your True-Self, so let go my friend, just trust and let go.


We all are doing our best, so the next time you get frustrated with another person for their actions or words; remember they are doing their best at that moment just like you. This will not be easy to remember because you will be in the midst of your own stuff and this is why you are reacting to what is happening. Not because of what they are doing, like your mind is telling you, “What a jerk they are”.

Wake up in that moment and feel what is going on in your body, shift your thoughts to the truth and let go. When we notice that you are the problem, not them, a completely new life opens up. It is not about being perfect because under all that stuff, you already are and this is what you need to connect with to let it all go. One-step at a time, one moment at a time, and one day at a time it will be revealed to you if you only pay attention.

Short and Sweet #176 – Connection

When we live our lives from a place of wanting to be correct all the time, we create suffering for others and ourselves. We destroy our home, this place we call Mother Earth and we kill in the name of our righteousness. Life is not about being correct; it is about being connected. The more we experience connection, the more love shows up.

This is the world’s salvation; this is our salvation. Without feeling and knowing our oneness, love is a mere idea, whose fullest expression is never seen. Without love, we will continue to kill for resources and we will justify our modes at any cost until we use them all up. We will continue to kill for our differences and to gain power because we our correct.

The way out is through the heart, feeling and knowing our connection to all things. From this place, we allow our truest expression of who we really are free from the bondage of wanting to be correct. Free to love no matter our differences and freely showing our love from this connection.

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Short and Sweet #175 – Misperception

The sadness of your discontent is only an illusion of a life seen through the eyes of misperception. It is through our continued efforts and intention to know otherwise, that the light of understanding can come in and open the doors of truth once again.

Do not fret because any effort will lead you there however small, when supported with an unbending intention to do so. Your soul knows this and is continually trying to guide you there. It is when you are refusing its guidance that you feel your discontent. Release your control over what you think you know, then accept and allow, “What Is” to come in knowing that it is always for your highest good.

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Short and Sweet #174 – The Storm of Your Creation

He who thinks against his own desire is his own enemy. -Hazrat Inayat Khan

Life is not what you think it is and if you continue to see it through your faulty vision, you will continue to create a life that you do not want. You know the one that feels hard and is full of suffering. Shift your focus and bring your attention back to what is right; what is working no matter how small. This is the vision you had in the beginning. This is your True-Self and not the conditioned False-Self. This is the seed of your future if you only plant it, otherwise your present will continue to be only the weeds you see and the fruit of the seed will wither in the storm of your creation.

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