It is OK – Just Let Go

Our pain and suffering does not come from letting go, it comes from holding on. When we let go in faith and trust there is no pain or strain. It is only when we resist what we know we must do that we suffer. If you are experiencing pain then you are holding on to something that you know that you need to let go.

Fear is holding you back and it is only a creation of the mind, a misguided false sense of protection. Let it go and you will see that all will be well. You know this is true because you have experienced it before. You have let go of your fear in the past and you became stronger, more powerful and more connected to your True-Self, so let go my friend, just trust and let go.

Worry is not LOVE

Last week I put the following quote on my Facebook page:

You cannot worry about someone and love them at the same time. Most people mistake the emotion of worry for the emotion of love. They think that worrying about somebody means that you love them. –Abraham

I resonated with this quote and felt called to go a little deeper, because worry says so much about our lives. Perhaps you do not agree with this quote. It may be easier to see and understand by looking at how worry makes you feel, because in the same way that worry is not loving towards another, it is also, not loving towards yourself. Do not take my word for it, just think back when you were worrying about something or someone. How did it make you feel, stressful, uncomfortable, and maybe anxious? Are these loving feelings? Did you feel wrapped in love or suffering? When we take the time to pay attention to what we are feeling we often get the opportunity to change our lives in very positive ways. Unfortunately, we are usually on autopilot and do not pay attention, we only react.

In addition, when we worry we are telling the Divine that we do not trust its guidance and in the same breath, we have lost our faith. You cannot have faith and worry at the same time. It is impossible and if you do not have faith then you certainly do not trust the Universe to provide the highest outcome. In reality, you feel that you need to control what is happening. Unfortunately, you did not have any control to begin with and the only other option was to worry. This causes needless suffering, unless you can release your desire to control the outcome, other person or situation.

Look, I know things do not always go our way, but haven’t they always worked out? Of course they have, and when we settle into that new place, many times the result is greater than we could have imagined. Therefore, the next time you fall into worry, put the brakes on and take a moment to ask yourself if you want to keep worrying or can you just let go. Letting go is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and everyone involved. Remember to notice your feelings, are they loving or not, because this alone can wake you up.

Short and Sweet #35 – Changing the World

Yesterday we talked about trust and how it is different from faith. Yet during difficult times, we need both, the noun and the verb. When we live in faith and trust, we know that the Universe has more in store for us than we can imagine. We must remember to not get in our own way and recognize that we cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves. Wanting the world to change without changing our view will only lead to disappointment and suffering. We must find satisfaction in doing our best and not waiting for the other person to change. Ask yourself this question, if I do not change then how will the world change?

Short and Sweet #34 – Trust

People talk about their belief in God and yet when things “seemingly” go wrong in their life they feel lost or abandoned by God. This is where trust becomes important. Do not confuse faith with trust; because trust is faith in action, you need both to end suffering. We often forget that God is in all things and we can learn from all our experiences. Exploring my body through bodywork has taught me many life lessons. One of the important lessons I have learned through this deep transformational work is trust. When trust is gone we feel fear, depression, even unloved and we suffer. When we keep up our faith, make a shift in our perception while moving forward in trust the answers come and healing can occur. When you think an experience is bad or negative suffering shows up. However, if you can remember that all experiences in life are opportunities to learn and grow from then your trust will blossom. God, The Universe, Divine Creator are all human labels for the same energy that created all things. Therefore, whatever your beliefs are or label you us, if you resonate with the energy of trust the answers show up and healing will happen.