Are You Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life? Maybe you are feeling this way because of the current political changes or all the problems you see in the world. Maybe you have health issues or someone you love is ill. Maybe your job sucks or you are out of work. Countless things can happen in our lives that make us feel this way. We can even feel overwhelmed by our pursuit to discover our True-Self, to awaken, to follow a spiritual or religious path. Perhaps you do not even know why you feel this way, you just do.

In these situations, it is common to feel fearful, anxious, angry or other feelings that we find difficult to deal with over a sustained amount of time. In these states, we always have our attention focused on the wrong thing. It is no longer in the present moment, although we might think it is.  Instead, it is fixated on what we think will happen and not on what is actually happening. It is impossible to stay in the present moment once you have entered into one of these states. Our mind will speculate about future outcomes, which rarely come true. It is important during these times to remember to bring your attention back to the present by letting these thoughts go.

Start with this fact. Know that no matter what is happening in your life or in the world, you will be OK. How many times in your life have you felt that things were terrible or not going your way? Yet somehow, everything worked out in the end and most of those times even better than you expected.

One key is to begin to recognize that you are looking everywhere for what is already in you. We think that we have to pursue our divinity; that it has to be found through workshops, books, church or some type of devotional practice. All of these practices and pursuits can keep you thinking that it is out there somewhere and that you have to find it through someone or something else. I can assure you this is not true. I am not saying that you should not do these things, but they alone will not give you what you want. Because they cannot give you what you already embody.

Many feel as though something dramatic must happen that will change them forever. While it is true that some people may have a dramatic experience, please know that this is not a requirement for finding what you seek. Expecting this or trying to recreate an experience will only slow you down. All that is required is to recognize that you already are what you seek.

Ask yourself if what you are doing is a form of denial of what you seek. Is it saying I am not a spiritual being now? Does it reinforce the idea that you have to do something, to become something different? If it is, then you might want to take a step back and ask, who is thinking this thought that I am not a spiritual being? Who is observing the one who is thinking that thought? Is there a difference between the person having the thought and the one observing the person having the thought? Who are you really?

What I am saying is that if you can see the truth of who you really are, you will live a more joyous life. You will make a greater impact for the causes you choose to support and you will help a greater number of people because you will be living from your True-Self. Your feelings of anger, fear and overwhelm will be transitory events in the beginning and eventually never seen again.

What will you choose the next time you are feeling this way? Will you choose to follow the speculative thought? On the other hand, you could choose to stay in the moment and let the speculative thought go.

This Love, Loves Everyone

Love, loves everyone; it is not conditional. We live in a world where terrible things happen, but this does not mean that we cannot forgive. If we do not open our hearts, we will continue to suffer. The world will not change by an election of new leaders, a million person march or protest. It requires the closed heart to open and to allow grace back into our lives. It requires the infinite amount of love within to be freed from the depths of our being.

Take a moment today to look out the window or if weather permits to go outside and just watch the birds. Allow the beauty of creation to come back into your life and let your worry and stress go. Leave your thoughts behind for just a minute to connect once again with nature. For it is here that you can awaken to what has always been with you. It is simple; it does not have to take a lifetime or lots of hard work. Just be willing to receive and allow this love to fill you up once again.

Worry is not LOVE

Last week I put the following quote on my Facebook page:

You cannot worry about someone and love them at the same time. Most people mistake the emotion of worry for the emotion of love. They think that worrying about somebody means that you love them. –Abraham

I resonated with this quote and felt called to go a little deeper, because worry says so much about our lives. Perhaps you do not agree with this quote. It may be easier to see and understand by looking at how worry makes you feel, because in the same way that worry is not loving towards another, it is also, not loving towards yourself. Do not take my word for it, just think back when you were worrying about something or someone. How did it make you feel, stressful, uncomfortable, and maybe anxious? Are these loving feelings? Did you feel wrapped in love or suffering? When we take the time to pay attention to what we are feeling we often get the opportunity to change our lives in very positive ways. Unfortunately, we are usually on autopilot and do not pay attention, we only react.

In addition, when we worry we are telling the Divine that we do not trust its guidance and in the same breath, we have lost our faith. You cannot have faith and worry at the same time. It is impossible and if you do not have faith then you certainly do not trust the Universe to provide the highest outcome. In reality, you feel that you need to control what is happening. Unfortunately, you did not have any control to begin with and the only other option was to worry. This causes needless suffering, unless you can release your desire to control the outcome, other person or situation.

Look, I know things do not always go our way, but haven’t they always worked out? Of course they have, and when we settle into that new place, many times the result is greater than we could have imagined. Therefore, the next time you fall into worry, put the brakes on and take a moment to ask yourself if you want to keep worrying or can you just let go. Letting go is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and everyone involved. Remember to notice your feelings, are they loving or not, because this alone can wake you up.

Short and Sweet #138 – Human Misery

When we look at human misery, we see two kinds when only one exists, that is our personal misery and everyone else’s. Misery is constant for some, while others only experience it at specific times and then there are those who see it fluctuate in and out of their lives every day.

Many bring the misery of others into their own lives and then suffer because of it. Then there are those who feel compassion for what is happening to someone far away but will not feel this misery in their own lives. Still others fall into misery because they feel close to a situation or energetically connected even if it is happening thousands of miles away. Moreover, there are those who are impacted more by what is happening to someone else than in their own life. They feel they have no control over what is happening and this overwhelms them in their personal life.

The mind tells many of us that someone else’s misery is separate and different from our own. However, the truth is that all misery is rooted in a singular connection to the creative energy of the universe. If we want our misery and the misery of others to stop, then we must change our understanding of how things work. We must realize that when misery shows up in our lives whether personally, to a friend or halfway around the world it is a reflection of our inner state. The perceptions, beliefs and social conditioning that we have accumulated over our lifetime will reinforce the false belief that it is separate from us or that nothing can be done about it in our own lives.

It will be impossible to recognize this when you try to identify it through your own thinking-self. Because the mind will always confirm that your perceptions, beliefs and conditioning are correct, unless you begin to awaken to the False-Self that spins these tails. Better yet, awaken to the True-Self, which will shine a light on the shadow of the False-Self and allow you to let it go.

Question what your thoughts automatically tell you or confirm. Know that if you see misery anywhere that you can help release it by self-inquiry. Look deeply within because it is there that healing will occur. Once you release it completely you will not see it anywhere because it will no longer be created. Know that whatever you release from within will change you and everyone else. In addition, know that you are always safe and can face whatever comes up from within. All ways lead to the True-Self if you seek from awareness. From this place, there are no wrong choices.


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Short and Sweet #104 – Take God with You

We do not always get to do what we want in this life or have things just the way we want them. Sometimes we do not like the people we work with or perhaps the job itself. There is always someone gossiping about this or that at the church, maybe even about you. You do not like your neighbor’s behavior so living in your beautiful neighborhood or home has lost its charm. That’s a good start to an endless list of reason for us to be unhappy.

Now we can quit our job or move from the neighborhood but does that really solve our problems, maybe temporally until things change again. The only thing that guarantees your happiness is you. Why, because you are the only thing that you have control over.

When we take the Divine with us every day, we learn that what other people think and do does not have to disturb our happiness. With every action and thought we can pause and ask, is this how God would act or think. With this safeguard in place, we do not have to react to what others say or do, and if needed we can respond appropriately from a higher perspective. When we do respond instead of reacting, our energy has a positive effect on everyone around us.

Know that with awareness it only takes a second to think before saying or doing something that you might regret. Just as important is what is going through your mind because we can ruminate on anger and resentment, creating worry and stress for days, even years. As Dr Phil says, “How is that working for you?” Maybe it is time to try a different way. Remember the next time you feel wronged in some way, pause before you react, just for a second and ask yourself is this how God would respond. If need be leave your words and looks in check and make sure that you did not drop God off somewhere along the way.

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Short and Sweet #97 – There is Always a Solution

When difficult times come or you have a big decision to make, do not fret. We often feel overwhelmed in these situations for no reason. Our worry keeps us from hearing Divine guidance and leaves us feeling unsure or fearful. The mind creates a story that is not based in fact but conjecture. It may create various scenarios often with a negative downside, which continues the cycle of worry and indecision. This is not a time to spend precious moments up in the mind but to become quiet. You can still use the mind to compile pros and cons but worry has no benefit.

Divine guidance, our intuition and soulful inspiration will not usually be heard in the midst of turmoil. We spend hours in worrisome thought, losing sleep and potentially creating health issues or body pains, including migraines. When we look back at situations from the past, we can see that all the stories we thought could happen never do. How useful has worry been in the past for you? Did it change the outcome for the better or in any useful way?

When we fill our centered, grounded and peaceful tanks up on a daily basis, we have the reserves to draw on during difficult times. This is the reason for having some form of regular practice. If you cannot keep up a peaceful state without a practice then it is my belief that you need them until such time that you do not. If you cannot keep up your centeredness when things are OK what do think will happen when something goes wrong?

Make this a special time of the day for you to recharge and connect with the creative energy of the universe. Your mind will always find an excuse not to do your practice. What you have to decide is who is in charge, your mind or you. How important is it to you to have a more relaxed and peaceful life. Moreover, what are you willing to do to carry out this intention? I understand that you feel you do not have the time or that there are more important things to do.

Your mind will always tell you that there are more important things to do. However, is this true? For some I expect the answer will be yes because they have different priorities. However, for others like myself there is nothing more important. What are your priorities? When I take the time to do my practices, I have more to give and I receive so much. I am more creative, patient, relaxed, less prone to upset and illness. These are only a few of the benefits. There are many practices to bring about a more awakened state, find what works for you. Remember, no matter what is happening in your life there is always a solution so worry in never needed. Higher guidance is always available; are you in a state of listening or worrying?




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Short and Sweet #70 – Are You Problem-Focused or SOULution-Focused

Are you so focused on your problems or the problems of the world that all you can do is worry? Worry creates many problems for us, the biggest being fear; fear that things are not going your way or will not work out OK. Does this state of worry and fear help you solve your problems? Of course not, in fact, the more you think about it the angrier you get and then you feel helpless. Once this happens you become a victim of your circumstances. We begin to place blame on anything or anyone outside ourselves for creating all these problems. We start to feel guilty for experiencing joy and happiness. The guilt begins to condition us not to feel, every time joy and happiness starts to come in we find a way to shut it down unless we begin to see things differently.

What energy do you suppose creates more healing, joy or worry? Can you feel the difference in these two words? Did you immediately pick joy? How simple was that, now you know that joy creates healing and worry instills fear, creates anger, anxiety and makes you a victim. Once you begin to let your worry go and embrace joy, then you have already begun to heal and not just yourself, but also the world. You have started contributing something positive to those in need and you will uplift everyone around you. How simple and cool is that, also you will begin to be Soulution-Focused. You will be drawn to follow the Soul to your solutions instead of the mind. The mind will make you think you have problems to have something to solve. This happens even when you do not have a problem. How many times have you worried over something that never happened? So would you like to be in an endless cycle of problem-focused worry or step into Soulution?