A Free Online Meetup Group – Finding Freedom from Worry, Stress, and Anxiety

We are facing a unique time in history, and I know many of you are fearful and stressed out. Whether you are feeling concerned about current events, someone in your life, or any other issue that makes your life feel unbalanced, please join me for our next online meeting.


During these get-togethers, we will explore the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. This is important because when we bring more awareness into our lives, we can begin to discover who we have become through social conditioning, our perceptions, and beliefs. Knowing this allows us to address the things that get in the way of experiencing life fully and connecting with our True-Self.

I will apply a fluid, interactive style to address your specific issues. Therefore, participants will be encouraged to share if they feel comfortable doing so; this way, we can address real-life challenges that are important to you. Participants will take away new insights, perspectives, and clarity about living life and their place in the world.


Anyone who:

· is challenged by his or her life circumstances, i.e., work, relationship, family or the physical body

· is challenged with worry, stress, fear, anxiety or any other state that

· feels out of balance

· feels a longing for a deeper understanding of life or who you are

· is in a healing profession or works with other people one on one

· is asking why am I here

· is thinking there has got to be more to life than this

· has someone in their life that they have trouble dealing with

· feels a calling for something more meaningful in their life

· wants to live a fuller life, feeling more peace, balance, and joy


Join the Meetup Group found here: https://www.meetup.com/Finding-Freedom-from-Worry-Stress-and-Anxiety-ONLINE-EVENT/

Then RSVP for the next ZOOM meeting.