June Marks PRIDE Month

June marks PRIDE month, a time to celebrate diversity and acceptance. Unfortunately, fear sometimes drives us to harm others with our words and actions. This fear usually stems from outdated beliefs and conditioning, causing us to choose hate and disgust over love and compassion.

However, failing to challenge our beliefs and conditioning can result in pain and suffering for ourselves and others. We can overcome false perceptions and prevent conflicts by taking the initiative to understand and learn what we don’t know or comprehend. Doing so allows us to respect others’ truths without interfering in their lives and demonstrates genuine love and acceptance. Take a moment to slow down your thoughts and question why you hold the beliefs you do.

While I respect the Bible as a primary source, it’s worth considering the possibility of conflicting messages and the blending of man’s ideas with God’s teachings causing some confusion. It’s important to note that love and acceptance are common themes in many significant religious and spiritual texts. It is essential to approach messages that contradict this message with a critical eye. I am confident that parts of individual spiritual texts, such as the Bible, have been influenced by the beliefs of men of that time and may not accurately reflect the original teachings.

Remember, those beliefs that are inflexible, unchallenged, and deeply ingrained will only cause harm to both ourselves and our planet.


We are usually satisfied when we get what we want in life, at least for a while. Then, of course, there are those times when things do not go our way, which makes us feel sad, angry, frustrated or even lost. We look around at others and wonder why we cannot have the life they have. We pray for things to change and if they don’t, we become angry; angry with God, we feel forsaken. Where did our faith go?

In truth, life gives us exactly what we need in every moment, and true faith is unconditional acceptance. Once unconditional acceptance fills your life you have finally opened the doors to unconditional love. What could be more powerful? The next time life throws you a curve ball, try some unconditional acceptance on for size and really show the Divine just how much trust and faith you have.