False Beliefs

Where is your ATTENTION?

What do you want in your life?

Is that what you think about during the day?

On the other hand, do you spend all your time thinking about your problems, the problems of the world and the people who anger you?

I can assure you that if you only focus on what you do not want; in fear, worry, frustration, and anger, you will never create what you do want.

Do the Right Thing

Remember no two snowflakes are alike. This is true for human beings as well. It is easy to see the beauty in snowflakes, how about looking for the beauty of each person you see today and the common thread that binds us all together. It is always there, you only have to look with an open heart. Instead, we choose to judge without knowing and to hate without understanding. It is living in this way without ever questioning our thoughts or beliefs that we perpetuate the suffering in this world and its destruction. To think that we do not have to take care of each other no matter who we are, what we believe or where we are from and this planet is a recipe for disaster and one that will ultimately destroy us all. I am not speaking metaphorically, I mean literally.

Being Controlled by Unseen Forces

You have a mixture of feelings like anger, fear, worry, sadness, hate… in you, stored in your body. These feelings are repressed, stuck and hidden from your awareness. The thought that just came up, did you hear it? It might have said you are just fine or that what I said is not true. That is part of the stored emotions defense mechanism to keep them hidden from you. Moreover, they affect your daily life in many ways that are unknown to you. For instance, they can influence your behavior and the choices you make. If you go through life thinking that the only feelings you have are the ones you consciously know about then you are deceiving yourself.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Have you ever overreacted to what someone said or did to you? Of course you have, everyone has at one time or another. The reason that you overreacted was not from what the other person did or said. It was because what they did or said triggered similar emotions that are stored in your body.

Everything is energy and it has a particular vibrational frequency rate (VFR). When this rate is similar to the stored energies in your body, they can be triggered and this is what causes you to overreact. We may not even realize that we overreacted or it may become clear later after we calm down. Some of the people experiencing our overreaction will see it immediately and wonder why we reacted the way we did. Others may internalize this experience creating some of their own stored emotional energies. Maybe you cannot remember overreacting at all, but you can remember being on the receiving end of someone who did.

Do you hear what I am saying? These stored emotions affect your choices and behavior in life on an subconscious level.

Shining the light of awareness on them is often all that is needed. Other times it requires questioning and going into the body to release them. This is not a mental exercise and you cannot think your way out. This is a feeling exercise using your body. For example, when you are in one of these states, where in your body do you feel sensation? Can you find it and not thinking about it? Do not use words like sadness and anger because they have a history, and will trigger the story that you tell yourself. Just find it in your body, feel the sensations, be curious and sit with them. Strip away the words and stories; feel the aliveness in the moment in your body. Know that the places you are feeling are calling out for your love and attention. They are not your enemy, but a friend seeking your empathy and compassion. You have nothing to fear. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable, but know that you are safe. Being present and in the moment with these sensations will empower you, if you are open to trusting the process.

Being in the presence of certain VFR’s can transmute our stuck emotions. For example, certain types music, poetry, movies or healing modalities, like Spiral Release Bodywork®. A higher VFR can transmute a lower VFR; this means it will actually raise its vibration.

Just know that once you become aware of a stored emotion, you will be safely guided to releasing it in whatever way is for your highest good. Remember life never gives you more than you can handle and any thought that does not support this truth is in support of the very thing that is holding you back. Pay attention when these thoughts come up and let them go, the thought alone does not make it true.

The Path to Peace

Our suffering, hate and anger is birthed in thought, even war starts here. We must learn to let these thoughts go. Our fear of what might happen will never bring us peace. We must learn to drop into our hearts, why, because this is where our empathy lies. This is where love begins to flow and the suffering, anger and hate begins to dissolve. Too many of us spend our day in our heads, worrying about what might happen or thinking about what has already happened to us. If we continue to listen to these misleading thoughts, then we are destined to suffer individually and collectively.

You may think this is an impossible task. Do you want to follow that thoughts direction or the direction of your heart? If you want to follow that thought, then you are part of the problem. If you want to follow the path of the heart then you are part of the solution. It really is that simple. You have already picked one of these paths. Are you aware of which one you are choosing?


What Will We Create?

Many of you are upset by the results of last night’s presidential election. Just as in my life, I know that no matter how this turns out it will be for our highest good. Worry, anger and upset only give the wrong message to the Universe. We must stay anchored in our heart energy, be open, and compassionate, which is our true nature.

Our Universe creates from the energy we send out and our thoughts are a big part of this creative energy. If you know this truth then follow it, because in this way you will suffer less and create more of what you want and less of what you do not want.

It does not matter how you voted, what kind of world do you want to live in? Focus on this and nothing else. No one knows how this will turn out; you only THINK you do. Therefore, your celebration of this election or your disdain is only an illusion of your false beliefs. They are not the truth. We will see the truth as it unfolds in front of us. In the meantime, you have a choice to make and that is how you want to feel in this moment. Choose wisely, because how you feel in this moment will lead to how you feel tomorrow and this determines the world we will create.

Acknowledging and Releasing the Conditioned-Self

We often see the world through the eyes of our conditioned-self, not the True-Self. This conditioning creates our perceptions about other people and the world. Our perceptions then influence our thoughts and our thoughts then shape how we feel. Therefore, most of our pain and suffering is not at the hands of some outside source, but the one that reside within, our conditioning.

One way to release our pain and suffering is through the illumination of our conditioning. Without recognizing our conditioning, we are destined to see the world through the eyes of the False-Self. We will believe what we see so much that we will fight for our misguided beliefs and for some, this can even mean to the death.

For many of us, it will create a life with unneeded pain and suffering. When you find yourself fixated on a position or expressing a superior attitude, stop and look closely at why you hold this belief so tightly. Notice what you are feeling in your body, are you tense or relaxed? Tension is a sign that you are under the control of this conditioning and unable in that moment to see anything different. So you become argumentative, angry or frustrated with the other person or situation.

You may not be able to see or feel this in the moment at first, but sometime after the opportunity will present itself. When this happens, it is up to you to be present with your body and to notice your thoughts, and then take a deep breath and let them go. With practice, you can begin to notice this tension rising up in the moment, allowing you to address it sooner. Then over time, through continued observation, awareness and releasing you can finally let it go forever.

We only have to let go a little for the light of awareness to be brighter in our life once again. This requires a willingness to let go and an unbending intention to release our conditioning. Then the True-Self can once again be our guiding light.

Does the World Seem Full of Hate

If you feel the world is full of hate, then you are looking through the eyes of the False-Self. Your conditioned beliefs are using you through the thoughts in your mind. You will hear, “see I am telling you the truth, just look” and then what you see and hear will logically confirm these thoughts and this will become your truth, but this is a trick of the False-Self.

Your worry, anger and frustration will energetically feed and strengthen the very thing you do not want in your life or this world.

In order to change this, you must become aware of what you are thinking and then shift your thoughts and energy towards what you want. The real world, the one beyond the conditioned self, the one the True-Self sees, is full of love, compassion and empathy. You know this is true because you have seen it when you are connected to your True-Self.

Which one will you choose to focus on? Which one will you contribute your energy to creating? I am not talking about airy, fairy, new age stuff here, this is a universal law and how energy works. We create what we put our attention on, so stop putting it where it does not belong. This has never been more noticeable than during our current presidential race. Just look at how you have been thinking about the world, other people and your life. Has it been focused on love, compassion and empathy or something else?

Your fear will not guide you back to the True-Self, unless you use it knowingly. Yes, you can use your fear to heal and grow spiritually, but only if you are aware of it and then it will guide you away from what you fear and back to your True-Self. So use your fear for your highest good, instead of it using you and keeping you stuck in the control of the False-Self.

I ask you, where is your energy going? Where is your attention? What are you thinking about when your mind should be quiet? Is it on what you want or is it leading you astray?

Releasing Upset

If you’ve got somebody’s aspects in your experience that you don’t like, there’s only one reason they’re there. You keep evoking them with your attention to them. Without knowing about Law of Attraction, you have — through your old habit of observation — achieved vibrational harmony with the parts of them that you do not like, and you keep summoning those parts from them by your constant vibrational offering of them. -Abraham

Perhaps you resonate with that part of them that you do not like, in other words, that part resides in you but you cannot see it. Whether what I just said rings true for you or there is another reason, you must let go of your constant thinking about them or their actions. Each time a thought arises say, “I am sorry please forgive me”. Say this phrase repeatedly until you forget. Say it each time you become uncomfortable or find yourself incessantly thinking about the issue. With continued practice, you will release or heal the issue. Remember that we are all connected energetically, so somewhere in you resides the energy of your upset, even if you are not aware of it. The phrase will help you release the energy so you do not need to figure it out; on the contrary, you only need to let it go.

Short and Sweet #182 – Emotional Triggers – Anger

Anger sometimes arrives when we are triggered by what someone says. When that happens we are taken out of the present moment and do not hear what is being said clearly, even when that someone is on our side.

When you feel the need to defend or resist what is being said, take a breath and bring yourself back into the moment. Then repeat back what you heard to be sure that you heard correctly before you allow your anger to get out of control.

If you are unable to control your anger then see this as a sign. Focus your efforts to release this issue by making a clear intention that you are ready to let it go. Realize that the underlying issue is the trigger. Know that your friends, family members and even strangers are not always out to hurt you. Expect the best of their intentions first, not the other way around.

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