Short and Sweet #171 – Is there GOOD Pain and BAD Pain

If you follow my blog then you know that I often talk about how problems are opportunities. Pain is something we all see as a problem and I have learned through my healing journey that it too is an opportunity. However, many people have expressed their difficulty in understanding this truth. Therefore, I want to offer you a bridge between good and bad pain and that bridge is perception.

Some of you are probably asking, what is good pain. Well even without knowing you, I know that you have experienced Continue reading

Short and Sweet #164 – Change Your Outlook On Life

There is only one thing that helps us to rise above conditions, and that is a change of outlook on life. This change is made possible by a change in attitude. I have found in my life that every single time I am able to change my attitude, my experience of life changes.

Too often, when our life feels stuck or uncomfortable, we think it cannot or will not change. However, this is NEVER true and in that moment, you have fallen victim to the Continue reading