“The body is our partner and a great spirtual teacher.”

What many fail to recognize is that the human body is much more than just a vehicle for the human form. It is even more than a vessel where the soul resides. What has escaped many human beings is that the body is our partner and a great spiritual teacher. Once we begin to develop this partnership with the body and increase our awareness, we have one of our greatest allies and opportunities to grow spiritually.

The body holds memories of every experience we have had up to this point in our existence. These memories are held in energetic patterns within the body. They act like programs running in the background, silently like the software on your computer. These programs/memories can and do affect our choices in life while others lie dormant or are not strong enough to be noticed by us consciously.

For example, have you ever reacted to what someone has said to you and then realized after the fact that you completely over-reacted. Then of course you wonder why you reacted the way you did without a clue. This is because one of your memories kicked in and you played out an old program unconsciously, reacting from a past experience instead of responding appropriately in the moment. This is what we hear so much about today, which is to be in the moment or being in the now. How can we be in the NOW if we are being played like an instrument by our old patterns? We can’t!

I believe we are born with these patterns already encoded in the bodies DNA. We can see examples of this with our family genetics where certain physical postures or behaviors reappear from generation to generation. How many of us have said I will never act like my parents do and then we find ourselves one day doing the exact same thing they did. The thinking is that these types of patterns are unchangeable, that we are stuck with them for life. Yet I see them change all the time in my work, on a mental, physical and emotional level.

Anyone can release these programs/memories through various modalities like energy work, specialized bodywork like Spiral Release and other techniques such as certain forms of psychotherapy to name a few. Once we begin to develop our awareness to the body and use this partnership as intended we can exponentially increase our spiritual connection and growth; feel better in our bodies, slow the aging process down and live out our lives to the fullest feeling freer and more peaceful on all levels.