Short and Sweet #181 – Learning From Wrongness

If you want to change your life, seek out what you feel is your wrongness. Know that when someone’s wrongness comes out and it is pointed in your direction, that we all carry the burden of our perceived wrongness. This is not personal, except when you think it is. You must forgive them, as you would want to be forgiven. Know that even when you are working on yourself and doing your best it may come out. Make amends to that person as soon as you can and most of all forgive yourself. We all need to let go of our perceived wrongness to be at peace, live in joy and stop hurting one another.

Do not expect to receive amends when you feel hurt lest your own wrongness will come out, forgive instead. If you do receive amends, then be grateful and remember how that feels. This will help you remember to make amends when your wrongness comes out.

Learn from wrongness so when necessary you can take the proper action. I have found that when we let go and heal our wrongness, often the troublesome people in our lives leave. When this is not possible, we find that their actions no longer bother us in the same way.

Repeatedly expecting someone else’s behavior to be different will not change their behavior and only causes you to suffer. Let go of your expectation and see the truth of their behavior. It is only by being present with the truth, that you can move forward and find peace again.

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