Do You Desire More From Life

Many of you are hearing the call of your Soul, that surely there is something more to life. This desire that you feel is not about material things, more money, relationships or for that matter anything outside yourself.

It is about the uncovering of your True-Self, which lies under your conditioning. This calling will expose your connection to the Divine Creator and is about waking up, leaving behind who you have become.

By accepting this calling, you will begin on a journey that can only be guided by God. Awaken to this guidance by letting go of the need to control. Do not force your choices to reach happiness, because this will only lead to suffering. By the way, it is how you got where you are now. Let life unfold before your eyes as it is meant to do and does so anyway.

Do not believe your thoughts because they will tell you that this is the only the safe place to be and fear will arise to keep you stuck. Your true safety lies being open to what is. Begin to feel your feelings and the sensations in your body. Do not fear your pain, but see it as a trusted guide to awakening from your conditioned slumber.

Move into your fear; trust that the Universe is conspiring in your favor and that you will always be taken care of and safe. Begin to understand that you are one with the divine creative energy of the universe. Know that you do not have to figure everything out, that you can just let go and receive that which you desire. You no longer have to work so hard to accomplish what you want any more. Can you trust this much? Can you be open to receive or will you continue to try to force your life to be what you want, instead of allowing life to unfold in its natural way.

Short and Sweet #174 – The Storm of Your Creation

He who thinks against his own desire is his own enemy. -Hazrat Inayat Khan

Life is not what you think it is and if you continue to see it through your faulty vision, you will continue to create a life that you do not want. You know the one that feels hard and is full of suffering. Shift your focus and bring your attention back to what is right; what is working no matter how small. This is the vision you had in the beginning. This is your True-Self and not the conditioned False-Self. This is the seed of your future if you only plant it, otherwise your present will continue to be only the weeds you see and the fruit of the seed will wither in the storm of your creation.

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Short and Sweet #68 – Desire

Most of us have many desires for our life. We may want a relationship, more money, an easier life or to travel. What are your desires? We often end up spreading our thoughts and energy around to all our desires at once. When we do, it reduces the power for each desire to manifest and it is only when we can narrow our desires that they are more likely to manifest. You can see this in action with those rare people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa who unified their desires, which not only manifested but also changed the world because of their laser focus on one desire.

Each one of us at some point in our lives has experienced a burning desire for something, maybe it was a bike as a child or a date with that special person in school or perhaps a child of our own as an adult. Do you remember feeling this desire so deeply that you would not give up until it became a reality? How often do you feel that kind of deep burning for something or someone now? This is what we must feel to manifest our desires. The deeper the burn the more likely it will happen.

My question for you is what is the number one desire in your life right now and are you willing to put the energy into making it come true? If not, then you have settled in your life and that has become your number one desire, settling. There is nothing wrong with this if you are happy, but if you feel the need to complain to others about your life or you feel suffering in your life from this choice then it is time to make a shift. It is never too late to start in life but you must stoke the fire of desire once again or life will feel lifeless.