Short and Sweet #179 – Finding Your True-Self through Letting Go

There is one constant to every action in life from birth to death and everything in-between and that is letting go. The very act of creation is an act of letting go. Therefore, there is only one constant to awakening; and that is letting go. Without it, you are stuck in the mire of your conditioning, feeling confused, incomplete and unable to move forward freely. You seek to find your answers and the truth outside yourself, not realizing that it has been with you all along, that you are the light; that you are all things not just what you think you are. The only way to reconnect with your True-Self, the only solution is by letting go. When we do, our fear, our conditioning begins to fall away, revealing what was there all along. Know that you are safe because you are a creator, you are creation in physical form and you are divine.

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Short and Sweet #64 – Mind vs. Soul

In earlier posts, I mentioned that everything has its purpose and place in this world. That is because everything is divinely created and orchestrated, which means it also includes the things we dislike and do not understand. It is up to us to awaken so we can see clearly; otherwise, we will continue to live an unbalanced or destructive life. Most of us can see that the world is out of balance yet we cannot see it in our own lives. It is important to recognize that this unbalance is a reflection of our own unbalance and not separate or caused by something outside of us. Once we see this then and only then will things begin to change. When topics of God, spirituality and other higher subjects are discussed, many go up into the mind for answers. Once the intellect is engaged, we can no longer see clearly about these aspects of our life. The reason for this is easily seen through the various ideas and different opinions expressed by intellectual people who speculate and express their different ways of looking at these things. Yet when we look at what the prophets and sages who came before us said we can clearly see that they speak the same truths even though they may use different words. How can this happen? It is because they speak from the truth of the Soul. The mind cannot comprehend the vastness of creation but once we rise above the mind we become soul conscious and connect with the light and knowledge of the Divine. Yes the mind and intellect has its place, but we must be able to distinguish between what the mind thinks and what the soul knows. We can only experience this through awakening it cannot be intellectualized or known through thoughts of the mind.